Published on April 25, 2022

Custom Block Breaking Animations

This pack will change ur minecraft experience by changing the boaring block breaking animations to 11 different types of custom block breaking animations. Also the breaking particles removed for lagless gameplay.

Bored using the old same block breaking animations? Lag for the breaking particles? Then this pack is for u. Extremely helpful for Bedwars and other minigames like this.


  1. Added 11 different types of custom block Breaking Animation
  2. Added custom click sound
  3. Removed block breaking particles


  1. Number
  2. Colored bar
  3. Smooth square
  4. Progress bar
  5. Corner
  6. Corner fill
  7. Cobweb
  8. Flower
  9. Sci fi
  10. Laser ray
  11. Curvy

Example : 

  • Number
  • Colored bar
  • Progress bar
  • Smooth square
  • Curvy
  • Sci fi



Showcase video:


  1. Dont copy my pack  
  2. Dont share direct Mediafire links
  3. U can use/customise the pack for personal gameplay. 

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  • Download the file from Mediafire through linkvertes. 
  • Rename the file from .zip to .mcpack .
  • Tap in the file. It will open minecraft.
  • Wait till the pack import successfully. 
  • Go to settings > global resources.
  • Activate the pack. 

Keep the pack at the top of activated pack list. 



Installation Guides

We will update the pack by adding new features and animation in near future...