Published on September 08, 2022 (Updated on May 08, 2024)

[UPDATED 2024] Builder's Template +Hidden Minecraft items +Unobtainable Items

Have you ever wanted a flat world that wasn't a plains biome? Or perhaps wished you could create an underground base on a flat world? Or just want a world you can open and the PVP in full Netherite without setting it up? Or maybe, just maybe, you just wanted to see all of the Secret blocks in Minecraft without all the hassle of toolbox and add-ons. Well, here's all of that in one world just for you! No add-ons or texture packs are required.  

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  1. Redid the entire Post
  2. Added brand new Pictures
  3. Added New Hidden Items
  4. Added TechnoBlade Book
  5. Added Cursed Items
  6. Created .zip file for download


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Is there any way you could make this into a world template?
There may be someway, considering I have seen people turn the world to the templates.

However I don't really see a benefit other than it seems to stop people from exporting anything with structure blocks.
I also don't really know how people do it.
Can you add the items from the old one to this one as well (balloons, edu ingredients/items, etc)
Unfortunately the key difference between this world and the other world is that one is set in education edition and the other one is vanilla Minecraft.

However this version will be receiving an update in the next couple weeks with new items and some changes.