Custom Music Discs for MCPE!

Bored of the same ol music discs? Want your favorite song in Minecraft? Well this texture pack is for you! This amazing texture allows what has never been possible before (it has been but with much more steps) creating your own music discs in MCPE! The way this works is you replace your least favorite music disc already in Minecraft with your own custom song! 

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  • Updated for the 1.20 update
  • Added Relic Music Disc support
  • Updated Pack Icon
  • Added a more detailed explanation



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Does Xbox players hear he custom music?
I did all but doesn't work ;(
Did you make sure the audio was in OGG format and no longer than the music discs length that your replacing? Did you also make sure to rename your music file into an existing music discs name (for example wait, 13, cat, etc)?
Good mod. And it's cool that the author made a step-by-step tutorial, there should be 5 stars