Published on April 01, 2022 (Updated on April 13, 2022)

Dagger Extension v2.0 [Update 2.0 Elemental Dagger!]

What is Dagger Extension?

Dagger extension will add many variants of the dagger, each dagger has a crafting recipe so you can make it when you're in survival mode.

Do not redistribute, edit files, or steal this addon code, if you are going to make a review please give credit and put download link to this mcpedl page. Apps on play store and other pages are illegal, please don't support it. mcpedl is the only official site.

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1- Added Elemental Dagger (Laser Dagger, Nature Dagger, Ice Dagger

2- Added a new crafting recipe for the new dagger

3- Fixing all bugs



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