Darling in the Franxx Pack 1 (Skin Pack)

This is a skin pack based of the anime darling in the franxx this is my first skin pack made (the skin pack was made with a pre made pack do if the name bug out I will try to change it)

This pack was created with skins from the anime darling in the franxx

All skins in this pack are based of charicters from the first two episodes 

These Skins are all custom made for the player size of steve and not alex but will work with the thinner arm style of Alex 

This pack contains

  • Zerotwo
  • Zerotwo suited
  • Hiro
  • Hiro suited
  • Ichigo suited

Images bellow


This is my first skin pack so any glitches in the pack feel free to contact me and describe the problem

[email protected] 


TTVP3p3Plays on xbox

and I’ll try to update the pack

Images of the Skins


Zerotwo suit 


Hiro suit

Ichigo suit

Changelog View more

Added a new zip file of the pack for download


I have updated the code so the names shouldn't bug out

There has been more skin added bring the total to 5 the 3 new skins are ichigo and zero two and hiro in battle suits


- Click the download button

- Literally wait for 5 seconds

- Click "skip ad"

- Hit download on GoFile


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

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