Death Messages Edit Pack (and a bit more)

This pack is a simple overlay pack that edits your death messages, your chat settings ui, and your respawn screen to be comedic/sarcastic. Examples of the pack can be seen bellow.


Fall damage: 

Killed by player:

Burned in lava:

Respawn ui:

And there are many more that have been changed which would take too long to list here. Make sure to put the pack above any other packs which might edit your chat messages, or else it wont work. Since it’s an overlay, it’ll only edit the stuff I listed and won’t mess with anything else.

Changelog View more

Fixed uuid for the texture pack and added a .zip download link.

Patched up the description and (hopefully) fixed the problem for mobile users with a mediafire link.


Click the green letters which say "ChatMsgEdit.mcpack" to start your download, which should redirect you to Minecraft. After that, go to your Global Resources and add the pack, and you should be good to go! For mobile users, use the mediafire link.


Supported Minecraft versions




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21 Responses

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  1. Could you add spanish language traduction?

  2. Guest-2856159008 says:

    wait how do i edit the files? because the addons dont end up in me files but in the game

    • CoolManGamingTan says:

      Rename “mcpack” to “zip” then extract the zip into a folder and open the folder.
      edit Everything to your liking, and use new uuids in the manifest text file and test it in a brand new world. If it works use it in any world, If it doesn’t delete it from global resources in settings.

  3. Guest-8248415861 says:

    Doesnt work on servers 🙁

    • CoolManGamingTan says:

      Official Servers always have “Require Users to Accept Resource Packs to Join” (this message is hidden btw), it has nothing to do with a single resource pack, because all resource packs do not work on servers.

  4. zeeb says:

    I am sorry but I am not sure why, as I do not play on pe. If you know a way to fix it, please message me on discord, my discord is zeeb#7596

  5. Guest-8208994409 says:

    For some reason I’m not able to download this. I’d appreciate it if you’d fix this. Other than that, I like this texture pack! Very funny lol

  6. Ryfry says:

    How do i do that exactly?

  7. Kinda similar to my addon, Funny Death Messages, but mine is way more simpler than yours, just edits the death messages. Cool addon though, can’t say I don’t like it. Maybe a collab between you and me?

  8. Guest-3741500364 says:

    Can i edit texts?

  9. Guest-1507997504 says:

    There is no way of downloading any packs on this website because of IOS 13. I get all the way to “import started”, and then it says it failed to import because it has an unknown pack ID.

  10. Guest-5625045560 says:

    Death texts also work in Spanish?

    • Anonymous says:

      This pack edits the English file, so it’ll only work for English only, sorry. If you want, you can make your own version by download the default pack form the official Minecraft website.

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