Published on July 14, 2021 (Updated on April 26, 2022)

Deathnerite Update v1.8 [Compatible with Any Addon]

[compatible with other addon] [with recipes in smithing table][Leather plus] The netherite a material too good, fire retardant and resistant to the push but afterwards it protects like a diamond armor and could it be improved? For that I bring you the deathnerite an ingot that serves to improve the netherite in all possible aspects.

Extra content:

Leather plus:

By using the SMITHING TABLE, you can see the upgrade recipes (you need the "Leather Plus" addon)

It works like leather armor but with deathnerite protection. (No enchantments are lost)

True weapons(available only in deathnerite v1.7):

By using the SMITHING TABLE table you can see the recipes of the weapons (Visible in survival having the "TRUE WEAPONS" addon)


All true weapons upgraded with deathnerite are more resistant and stronger

Project Ateneu:

Deathnerite Katana 

(Obtainable if project ateneu + deathnerite is played)

Damage: 11

Durability: 1200

Deathnerite apple:
a powerful apple that is made from a golden apple

Deathnerite carrot:
a powerful carrot that is made from a carrot

Deathnerite armor:

+40% knockback resistance

+20% more extra durability

+25% enchantment

+ 20% protection

do not worry about dying in the lava and losing this amazing armor because also

the enchantment of this armor is very high

Gilded deathnerite armor (available only in deathnerite v1.7):

+50% enchantment

An improvement that helps to be attacked by piglins. just mix any piece of deathnerite with a gold PLATE


Deathnerite recipe:

armor upgrade recipes:

tool upgrade recipes:

Deathnerite sword:

Damage: 9

Durability: 2437

Deathnerite Axe:

Damage: 8

Durability: 2437

Deathnerite pickaxe:

-ores plus minerals are now pickable

Damage: 7

Durability: 2437

Deathnerite shovel:

Damage: 6

Durability: 2437

Deathnerite hoe:

Damage: 7

Durability: 2437

Important: people who review this addon many times do not read the characteristics and terms to make a video of this addon. If you are a content creator please use the mcpdl link and you are not allowed to leave the direct link or make your own link. If you break I will take measures for this


-My discord group link

-my youtube channel (nothing interesting)

Select version for changelog:


-changes in textures

-1.18.30 made the smithing table unusable, crafting moved to the "crafting table"

-the extra recipes were hidden

-the "gold deathnerite armor" was removed by mistake in piglins


activate these functions so that there are no problems


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NIce, the addon works pretty well. Keep it up!
By the way I will recommend that can you add Deathnerite carrot too?
pls make the addon for minecraft 1.18.30 pls
average game enjoyer. April 28, 2022 at 11:19 pm
TrueCowboy's Java Combat CWOA (Compatible with other addons) when 👀
average game enjoyer. May 01, 2022 at 9:52 am
Java Combat is literally decent mod in the mcpe/mcbe. Just need a few tweaks to make it fully compatible with other addons. Asides from that, add Deathnerite Shield or a elytra-fused chestplate that would be good poggers lmao (PS: i have to use the Dense Ores mod because ancient debris spawn rate is just too low lol)
average game enjoyer. May 01, 2022 at 8:59 pm
Alright then lol im stupid in requesting addon, sorry to disturb you :( have a great day.
ay can u help me make a mod for minecraft eda
Damn that's kinda fuckin sad you need money so bad you mislead people into a website that makes us buy something for you. Good luck with this addon Asswipe I thought it was pretty cool too but hey not my fault your too incompetent to fix your links the right way instead of a scam
the links work correctly, if they do not specify the problem I cannot know what the hell they are talking about
The BP pack is in an unsafe website
the bp is in an unsafe website
is broken on 1.18.30, can't use any of the smithing table recipes
Same with the copper plus. Smithing table (or any upgrade craft recipe) isnt
Well my friend
This addon is just perfect
But for some reason the recipes of the mithing table are not working?
So pls help
it would be cool if there is Deathrite ore and make the crafting recipe hard. Overall its a cool mod
I love the addon. Can you add a deathnerite shield combined with your Ultimate Shield addon?
Я играю со сборкой модов и интерфес улучшенного верстака не отоброжаеться можно придумать так что бы можно это было делать на обычном верстаке.( I'm playing with the assembly of mods and the interface of an improved workbench is not being selected, you can come up with a way that it would be fashionable to do it on a regular workbench)
I have an idea, in the next update can you add a reinforced deathnerite tools and armor by adding obsidian on them just like the gilded deathnerite armor
This comment has been removed
It is not possible to craft the ingot on the table. can you fix that error?
The mod is amazing, but I couldn't craft the Deathnerite and there is a missing texture of a weapon