Published on March 25, 2020

Debug Template

A world that contains all block states from all blocks in the game. Check out all the blocks which are in the game even the one that are secretly hidden ;)



  • Debug Template.mctemplate

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This is amazing but I was wondering how you got the golden heads?
What really did you really make this
This kills cool :) this is the type of world that u need to enable spectator game mode the I’d is gamemode 4
please make it 1.16
Finally a debug world for bedrock!
but it's missing tons of blocks... is this even updated to 1.16?
and repeating and chain command blocks are missing...
portal blocks are missing (except the gateway)
Please fix this?
Can you update for the 1.16 edition
Pls tell me
How do you even install it on tablet?!
Can you upload bedrock tweaks on here? I want more people to know about it. It is awsome!
Tried a few times, but I have still some issues that I need to fix before submitting here, but hopefully soon will be able to upload it here :D
Great looking for this on bedrock and most importantly.. no ads!!!
SuperDerpyDolphin March 25, 2020 at 2:31 pm
Finally I’ve been waiting for a port of this debug world forever would recommend!