Published on August 27, 2019 (Updated on February 05, 2021)

(Working Security Cameras!) Lance Furniture Beta

Add some useful decoration to your Minecraft worlds. A fridge, coffeemaker, toaster, microwave and more. The furniture actually works and its easy to use and with its new redesigned textures they will surely fit well in your house. 

Created by Lancelot, from Livecraft Team

Add a modern and realistic touch to your house with our modern looking furniture, Some of the furniture actually works. But this addon its not finished yet, you have to finish it. Tell us trough Discord ( section what would you like to see in the next version and we will maybe add it and of course, give you credits for suggesting furniture.

Working furniture

As i said earlier, some of the furniture actually works. Here is a guide on how to use them:

Coffee maker

Interact with cocoa beans first to load the coffee maker with coffee. Then, make a mug with one quartz mineral and interact with the coffee maker. Your cup will fill with coffee and then enjoy your coffee


Interact with the microwave using raw beef. The microwave will cook it in around 3 seconds, and give you a microwaved steak, which fills 3,5 food.


First, craft sliced bread. Just make it with one normal bread on your inventory. Then, place it on the toaster. Simple toast.

Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan has a light that you can turn on by right clicking, and you can turn the fan on and off by crouching and right clicking on it.

Portable Speaker

You can actually play music on it! Place it wherever you want and long-tap on it to go to the next song, or crouch and long tap on it to go to the previous one. Please note that you need to download the song packs in order to get it working. You can download them clicking here ( The page needs some improvements so please be patient.

TV (With 4 channels)

The TV uses the most complex command/animation system to work. Currently since it can have bugs, it does not have a crafting recipe. But if you need it that much, just take it out of the creative inventory and place it. Can display up to 4 beautiful TV channels. Please note that the music used in the Rick Astley clip was kindly provided by acatterz. Please check out his channel, he makes amazing minecraft covers

Waffle Maker


Security Cameras

This new and complex security camera system will allow you to place security cameras and use them. Just place up to 20 cameras where you want, then use the camera monitor to check them. Once you are into camera mode, right click/press the next camera button to move between cameras. Jump or move to get out of the camera testing.

This content is copyrighted which means that you are not allowed to distribute it without permission.

Crafting Recipes

To craft the furniture first you need an furniture table. The crafting is simple. 

Note: You need stainless steel ingots to craft this.


Then just place the furniture table wherever you would like in your world. Now craft some blueprints to use the furniture table:







Gaming Chair

Minebook Pro

Small Table

Ceiling Fan

JBL Flip Speaker

Waffle Maker

Once you have the blueprint for your piece of furniture just interact with the furniture table to get it.

Some of the things i will add on next updates:

All this was suggested on the comments by : James, EmeraldMC, Mr. CrayFish, Deku, Candy H., Natalia, OFHagentgold, SlimeQueen24, DTech, Anonymous, Đjjgsjtsi, Lunatic, MCgamer129, astronautadu, Agent CPU0 (, Unspokensname07 (, Pizzamania (

Gaming Setup

Crafting recipes


Mini Couch


Small TV's


Water dispenser




Fish tanks












Also please join my discord server to suggest furniture, ask for help, talk with people or just to watch the projects that i am working on

Click here to join (

Select version for changelog:



Now download one single file instead of 2

A lot of bug fixed

Download links updated


Click on the 2 links (Resource and behaiviour) above

Scroll down and press "See web articles"

Wait about 15 seconds

Press the right corner "X"

Press continue

Wait another 15 seconds

Press continue again


Tap on the download

Minecraft will install them.

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

hey guys for those who can't download the addon heres the mediafire link
This comment has been removed
This comment has been removed
Craft1user_roblox May 14, 2022 at 8:18 am
Where is the link?
For everyone who can't download the file as it is a scam website - Here you go!
(Originally posted by the
ThatCodeTheif March 01 and FieryPheonix478)
Don't click on ANY of those websites! - Omura Mods
Love the mod and i hope i works for what im using it for!
I was about to say it was so long and complicated
For everyone who can't download the file as it is a scam website - Here you go!
(Originally posted by the
ThatCodeTheif March 01 and FieryPheonix478)
Don't click on ANY of those websites!
This takes you to 2 different sites that obviously contain malware and even viruses
I can already tell that you only get viruses. DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING.
The add-on looks promising because I tried this year ago and now I'm disappointed since you can't even download the addon because of that BS website that redirects you to a Download page full of ads that doesn't even Download the add-on, you clicked it and just goes at the same page looping the page, like wtf I'm a supposed to do to download this, I clicked both options the linkvertise download and the "No Ads" download. What a disappointment and such a waste of time
Idk how to use the cctv it dose not work
Forgot to rate ;)
Bro I don’t know what all of the fuss is about everyone’s like “OMG what a scam crashed my phone crashed my car crashed my pc”! I use it one my iPhone 12 Pro Max, and it works JUST FINE plus it’s the first with working cameras, so…. To the created-THANK YOU FOR THIS AMAZING MINECRAFT MASTER PIECE I DONT CARE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY!
Can you make then 3d blocks pls i give it 5 rate
This mod is stupid it make the game crash for me and even my phone is crashed
i can't get the addon. please help
Originally posted by the
ThatCodeTheif March 01, 2022 at 9:03 am (Report)
Theres the link For this mod, The mod isn't great but if you want it Here it is.The creator of this is Mod Is a moron Dont click ANY of those links i tried this before i got a virus From This stupid mod (delete the space between the Dot and media fire)
Wow, thanks mate! This helped me so much, I hate it when I go past linkvertise and then it just takes me to a scam website. You are a lifesaver for providing a good link!
The mod works fine on my phone and pc, don't name the creator moron. It's not a virus either.
Thank you, dude! I'd be your friend if I could!
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