Published on November 02, 2023 (Updated on November 06, 2023)

Deep Apartment (Discontinued)

So basically I made this game all alone and I'm kinda lazy to credit resource packs so enjoy the game and there is 3 chapters it's short and easy not scary at all it's just stupid chapter 4 and 5 coming soon Thank You For Reading This

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V1.0 Halloween Event V1.1 Coming soon I'll accept any feedbacks that's how I change a thing about my games if it's rude or anything I'll fix it Of course it's a parody So That's all for now I'll remove the Halloween event at V1.1

V1.0.1 New changes Some dude in the comments

Told me to add mcworld file so it's downloadable in mcpedl That's small changes btw that's all

You can support me now! if you click through ads you will have the file and I get the money

More of this = More Amazing Updates

Thank you all!

Due to lack of income.. I Discontinued the game.

You can play the game still



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