Published on November 14, 2021 (Updated on December 14, 2021)

Delta Bot 2.0 Addon

In this addon you can have a very cute pet called delta bot! He can have jobs like being your back guard or he can mine, or he can also be your faithful companion!

In this addon you can have very cute pets called delta bot.

They can have jobs like being your back guard or they can mine, or they can also be your faithful companion.

In the last update, new bot has been added.

These bot will be able to sell you very broken items, or you will be able to use them as a transport to go faster.

Delta bot had three variants, but now it has 7 variants, those would be, the red, the back guard, the blue, the miner, the green, the loyal friend, the yellow, the farmer, the grey, the merchant, and two other delta bot that are special.

The delta bot do not appear naturally, you have to create them, the crafteo of each one is shown in the table of crafteos, and then you will get a delta bot, but of stone, what you have to do is put it and hit it with an iron ingot and will become a delta bot, each one has its crafteo, every time you create it you will have to tame them to follow you and for that you have to give it an iron ingot. 

The delta bot have batteries that can be recharged with the new item battery, these bot are discharged in a total of 600 seconds, except the farmer that has the specialty of lasting 800 seconds.

The battery can not be craftable, you have to get it with the merchant bot, which is also craftable.

Battery 100%

Battery 50%

Battery 30%

Battery 0%

Delta bot miner 

This delta bot has the ability to break a room of 10X10, it is a very good ability to mine, but for each mine you have to wait 20 seconds to use it again, to use its ability, you have to have an iron spike and leave it pressed on the bot, this bot will attack any monster or animal that you hit but it doesn't do any damage.

Delta bot back guard 

This delta bot has the ability to defend you from any monster that you hit, it removes 8 hearts from each hit that it gets to give, and has a total of 80 hearts, this amount has all the bot, to this bot you can put a diamond armor if you touch it with a diamond breastplate, when you do this you will have to tame the bot again, and now with the armor it will have 140 hearts, and it will remove 15 hearts for each hit.

Now in this new version was added the netherite delta bot, this delta bot has 200 life and removes 21 hearts for each hit. 

These are the delta bot with armor, this is only useful for the delta bot backguard, or better said, angry delta bot. 

You only need the oh netherite diamond chest to be able to put the armor on the bot.

To be able to put the diamond armor you have to have it wild not tamed, and if you want to put the netherite, you have to tame it, every time you put an armor you have to tame it again.

Delta bot 

This is the normal delta bot, this one will only follow you, and it will only follow you and follow you, because .... will be your faithful friend.

But now you can give a more important use to the normal bot, and that is.

You can put a chest, and so you can keep all your things in it, so you can take it everywhere and have a bot chest.

It has 27 squares to store inside the bot with chest.

Delta bot Farmer 

This is the delta farmer bot, it has the ability to sow and harvest crops.

To make him sow you have to put where you want him to sow, just grab your hoe, start doing where you want him to sow, and after that you approach the bot and open his inventory and put the seeds of what you want and he will sow alone, and collect alone, when he has the battery in 50 oh less he will not sow.

This bot has decreased its inventory, it would have a space of 15 squares to save in total.

Delta bot traveler 

This is the traveler bot, this bot has the ability to sell you things, but this bot is special, because it recharges itself and can not be tamed.

This bot can sell you from ender eyes to elytras for a very high price, he sells a lot of things.

Every time you want to buy from him you have to hit him with a gold ingot to activate the selling mode, after 15 seconds he will return to his normal state.

When the bot is discharged, a battery will appear on its face and it will last 50 seconds charging.

It is also possible to charge it with a battery if you want to use it and it is charging, so you don't have to wait.

Delta bot car 

This is the delta bot car, this is the first special bot, it has the ability to jump and even go through the water, it is a very fast car and much more through the water.

This bot does not download, and there is no need to tame it, it also has an inventory of 27 frames.

Delta bot Sonic 

This is the most special delta bot, and at the same time the most expensive, since it has to be made with blocks of diamonds.

The special thing about this bot is that it has a higher speed than the other bots, at the same time it has an attack of 25 hearts, it does not download, it lasts forever.

It has a special animation when you walk, as the classic Sonic animation.

Remember to activate the experimental mode, activate all except the Game test, the biomes and the caves, all the other options have to be touched, for the addon to work well

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This will be the last update of this addon, I hope you like it.


carry the folder delta_botB To Wing folder games/Mojang/behavior_pack

carry the folder delta_botRTo Wing folder 


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you can make a direct link to mediafire
Can you pls update the addon for 1.18 pls
Uhm- it seems to not be working… It won’t download for me. Idk if it’s because I’m on IOS but it won’t work for me
Sorry if you can't use it, I don't know how to make it work on IOS, I hope you understand :(
Ok then, no worries
Good addon, but I’d like it if they could be sat, I don’t want to have a robot follow me everywhere with no stop, also in a future update I’d love to see a robot thsts solar powered! Great addon anyways!
If they can sit, you have to tame them and then without any items, you leave it pressed and it will stay seated
Oh okay, it wasn’t appearing for me, I re-downloaded it again. Thank you ^^
Wait you doesn't mention anything about taming them i wanna know how :>
at the beginning, where I speak of the stone delta bot, to and it says how to be domesticated, to be domesticated by giving it an iron ingot
This reminds me of bot-topia!!!
I didn't even know that this addon existed, I just realized today that it looked like that addon
Dont work at 1.17.11:(
Is this addon inspire of Bot-Topia addon?
When I created this addon, I did not know that it was bot topia, today I just saw it since they told me that it looked like that addon
It says it's not a valid .zip file, but when I change the .mcaddon to .zip it's empty (android)
I really don't know what it could be about, the most likely thing is that it is the application you are using that does not support zip files, and if it is not the case, I really do not know why
Very nice and well done addon just wanted to give you an idea if you like, you could make the bot that just follows you to pick up the items you drop or you can put the items inside it then it could have a chest on its back : )
me like this mod and update is more good
Hola, me gusta esta primera version, una pregunta, el bot granjero podrá cosechar y replantar el solo? Haz que pueda absorber artículos en un radio determinado para que no deje caer los cultivos y que los guarde en su inventario
take your idea into account, but I do not promise that I can do that, in the same way I will try to do my best