Published on April 11, 2022 (Updated on April 12, 2022)

Destroyer Zombie Addon | Perfect Apocalypse Zombie

This add-on Adds an Ultimate Destroyer Zombie. ⚠️ WARNING: It's HARD! The normal zombie in Minecraft is pretty weak but this add-on adds a mob that can kill all passive mobs, Climb vines and ladders and even destroy blocks!

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  • Fixed bugs.
  • Decreased Damage of Destroyer Zombie.
  • Decreased Speed of Destroyer Zombie.
  • Increased Health of Destroyer Zombie.
  • Now destroyer zombie takes damage by staying in water.

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Hello, creator, can I get your authorization to upload this module to Netease My World?
I just love it. It would be great a variant of this addon that includes this same zombie but that the water does not hurt him, that he has more attack and that he is a little more difficult to kill and also that he spawned more frequently, it would be super great, if add resistance against lava and fire would be super cool for an apocalypse, your plugin is great. I love that it destroys blocks
Thanks a lot, didn't expect even a single download as it's my first add-on but sure I will add another link of the new version you want within a week.