Published on August 28, 2023 (Updated on June 16, 2024)

digimon voltage

this addon adds digimon to your mincraft world there is alot of digimon some big some small the digimon can digivolve all the way to mega there is a little different digivices to use on digimon   best used in peaceful mode

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I added new download link and new updated to this addon to fix bugs that were with it and added more entity and a way to I added more armor and DNA evolution new items. I remade the addon there is some old Digimon that is missing in the addon remake   remake some models got redesigns My partner and I remade some of the items . Digimon now use the Digimental eggs except sincerity. to get DNA you have to get an Digicore extractor. 




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muito top so presisa ficar um pouco mais bonita
How do I give the packets to the Digimon?
You give packets to egg to take left click and baby digimon you left click with packets to digivolve into in training babies are tamed with egg chips
If you are on mobile old the item then hold it down it will give it to the digimon
this is best played on peacfull mode