Published on June 13, 2020 (Updated on July 20, 2020)

Distinct Outlines

Distinct Outlines is a texture pack that adds distinct outlines to items! It allows items to have a more "refined" look, while keeping the vanilla look. It's applied to sword, food, tools, and more! (Note that this texture pack doesn't change the MODELS of any of the items, such as, elytras, armors, shields, horse armor, etc.)

In my honest opinion, I normally don't download texture packs, because they get rid of the feel of vanilla minecraft. With this texture pack, it doesn't remove the vanilla look of minecraft, while adding a better look to items! To make it easier for you to see what I have made, here are certain categories of items I retextured. 
Meat Textures (Includes raw meat and fish)

Nether Textures
End Textures (note that the elytra MODEL  isn't retextured)
Ore Textures (Ore Drops)
These aren't all the textures though. There are a total of 327 retextured items for you to see!

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Retextured more items to support the nether update!
Nether Items
Netherite Tools and gear
Lodestoned Compasses
Soul lantern
Warped Fungus on a stick
I added all the dyes, as well as all the CD disks. I also added some items that I for got to add (for example Lapiz and Scutes).
I listened to your feedback, so I did a ingot and brick rework! I changed the texture for iron and gold ingots, as well as the brick and nether brick textures! 
Total items and block retextured: 327!
Leave me more feedback and suggestions in the comment section, and I probably will do them!


There is no external link, adfly, etc. so all you have to do is click on the download button, and then you will have the texture pack!


  • Distinct-Outlines_1595202484.mcpack

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Nice but can u pls make a version where all what happens in the textures is Black OUTLINES only? Idk why but I like it cuz it feels like the background has shadows.. kinda feels more 3D.. but some textures like iron ingot has black outlines IN the texture of the item itself.. doesn't feel like shadows anymore.. just feels like the exoskeleton of the item becomes really thick
I might add another texture pack to this, if that’s something you want, might do it if it gets more support
i dont like the gold and iron outline texture
A new update for this texture pack is coming, so keep your eyes peeled for that! I have listened to your feedback, so look forward to what i have done!
People say you can use this site on xbox 1 is that true?
Yes -w-
It should work on every platform! Let me know if it doesn’t and I will see if I can fix it
the outlines make the textures a lot better i really like it
Oddly enough alpha textures looked like that
Nice Texture Pack thank you!