Published on January 30, 2024 (Updated on July 12, 2024)

More TNT [v1.0.3]

Do you like to explode TNT on your world ? With this addon, you will have more kind of TNT ! YOU HAVE TO ENABLE THE EXPERIMENTAL OPTION "BETA API"

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Changelog [v1.0.3] :

  • Added the Ice TNT that transforms blocks into Ice and Snow blocks, deals freeze damage to entities and give them the slowness effect.
    • Can be crafted with 8 packed ices and 1 TNT.


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Can you add the 1 TRILLION TNT please and make it so it dosent lag your game
I also have one of those mods. Can you please put it for 1.19.80 please? 5 out of 5 stars
add 20x 50x 100x 250x 500x 1000x nuclear, atomic, fire,water-/TNT