Published on November 01, 2021

[DP] Neighborhood Roleplay

The series is back!, this is the latest installment in the dreampixel roleplay map series. Dreampixel Neighborhood Roleplay is a map featuring 20+ houses on a single street, with a spawn area. Some of the houses are empty and leave plenty of room for all your furnishing needs. The homes featured in this map have a variety in size, with some having 2 or even 3 floors and other having garages and other home accessories. this map also allows you to expand upon it, incase you want to add more houses or shops.



  • ldDPaNeighboorhood_brp.mcworld (1.93 MB)

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so I want to use this map to make a horror map( because i really suck at building and I can't build an entire city so i use this map do it). so can i use your map to make my own map( you will be in credits)
i really like your map
Wow this is awesome.......add more