Published on November 02, 2021

[DP] SkyGen

Dream Pixel: Sky gen, is our very first mini-game map. This map is similar to prison's but instead its in the sky. There are 10 different mines filled with ores, logs and various other materials. In case you get bored with mining,  There is also a PvP arena and a free build area. The goal of the game is to gather your resources and upgrade your way to the top. This map can be played solo or with friends. It's very easy to learn and can be beaten in less then an hour. The map is also grief protected and the mines will automatically reset every 10 minutes.



  • ldDP_bSky_aGen.mcworld (561.69 KB)

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does it work in 1.20?
Question, How do you make the list thingy on the side? Ive been really wanting to make my own make on mcpedl, and its almost done! And i think the list would be something perfect for it!
Can i use your map to make a minigame map like HIVE? If you did not let me use your map to make a minigame map its ok😁
I love the feel but you should add mob spawners
there are mob spawners