v2 Dragonborn Addon

Have you ever wanted skyrim in minecraft? Well, here it is!

This is an addon that adds shouts, dragons, daedric lairs, dremora, and dragon lairs to the game to the game. There are 2 armor sets that include both bows and swords. 

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-Altered loot tables 

-Made it so sovngarde can only generate once 

-Gave dragon bone sword fire abilities 

-Altered the way Krosis and Alduin summon abilities 

-Gave turning animations to dragons 

-Some animations altered -Sword damages were nerfed 

-Dragons cannot be pushed -Arrows work like normal 

-Changed health stats of normal dragon, making it an easier fight 

-Better rewards

-Projectiles despawn now.

-Reduced size of addon.

-Added magic scrolls.

-Made flying dragons shoot less often.



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a bit underwhelming all shouts break in one use it wouldve been better if they have higher durability like a normal weapon that eventually break upon constant use
pls add new updates
bro this is everything i could have wanted
Good addon, but could you add it to where maybe you could build other weapons and armor too, like dwarven, orcish, steel, elveish, ect. to me the progression seems unfair as I not only find dragons more than daedra ususally. But You can also usually find a dragon at spawn, before you even have anything. but overall great mod.
Great addon, but needs some changes, nearly every time a dragon breathes fire, it crashes your realm. if you could find the cause and send out a bug fix update, that would be great.
Can you make just dragon one where they Spawn around world like mobs maybe on mountains or something?
not applicable to realm, when you see the dragon it will crash your world. I had to download my backup and reupload again then deactivate this add on.
better models and textures but it’s really good rn
Pls add bend will shout to tame
for your addon
Can I recreate your addon? For my channel, I'm going to put credits and add some other stuff
look like Skyrim? Wow! Nice!
When I dropped the mask into the portal, it didn't work, did I do something wrong? it's made out of cobblestone isn't it?
Shout reader also not working
nvm only shout reader not working
nvm they're all working XD SORRY NICE MOD BTW, Can you make alduin drop dragon bones instead of daedric hearts
Can you make it to where we can do /locate to find the structures