Dungeon Craft v2.0: The Quest For the Quake Hammer

A rift has opened and now all the universes in the Minecraft multiverse are combining into one. It`s now up to you to save the Minecraft world from certain destruction!

Article Revised By King Ben- The King of The Land

DC v2.2


MACHINE_BUILDER: for his program feature rule generator! Without it Dungeon-Craft would be dungeon-less!

SOLVED DEV: For his program, bridge, that makes coding Add-Ons easy!

AND TO BLOCKBENCH: The Minecraft model maker we cannot do without!

If you want to post my Add-On on another website you can only link the original mcpedl page. Thank you for your support.

Dungeon-Craft is a orespawn-inspired Minecraft adventure and RPG add-on. It adds plenty of mobs, items, weapons, structures, and biomes. It`s a good add-on for players who like exploring new lands and fighting dangerous mobs. As expected from an orespawn-inspired Add-on- it has plenty of overpowered stuff! As you see from the introduction- this add-on has lore/a storyline too, which will be explored in-game in further updates.  

Anyway here is what it adds:



Beetles spawn anywhere where pigs, sheep, cows, and other farm animals will spawn. Make sure to squash them whenever you can because you will need dead beetles to make dirt pie-which is a really good food item((almost as good as notch apples). You`ll need some dirt pie when fighting all the hordes of angry mobs.

Health: About 3

Damage: 0

Drops: Dead Beetle, banana

They come in yellow, green, blue, and red.


Butterflies are great critters! They make the world look much more lively. You`ll find most of them spawning wherever you find any grass. The purple variants, though, spawn in deserts. If you manage to swat a butterfly (which I do not recommend) they will drop power orbs which you can throw to, of course, explode things, and lightning things, etc.

Health: 3

Damage: 0

Drops: Energy Orb, Burning Ember


Red, black, and brown ants spawn in any grassy biome. They can be annoying because they enjoy biting you. Plus, they are pretty hard to hit! Squash them if they come after you.

Health: About 1

Damage: 1

Drops: Nothing


Worms are worms. In this case, this worm is an earthworm- it is harmless. Be nice to worms people, in-game and in real life.

Health: 1

Damage: 0

Drops: dirt, gravel


Birds are cool! They chirp, tweet, and fly around. And that is pretty much all they do. You`ll find them spawning in any biome with grass. By the way, birds come in both brown and blue colors.

Health: About 3

Damage: 0

Drops: Nothing


Okay! We are now getting to the more dangerous mobs now. The postosuchus are dinosaurs from the Minecraft Universe- 12. An alternate reality where the dinosaurs were not wiped out and remained the dominant species on the planet. Remember those fossils you find underground? He`s one of them- except he`s much more dangerous, and much more alive. You`ll find postosuchus spawning anywhere in the overworld where there is grass. He spawns during the day too! If you see one while starting out you`re world, you better run!

Look at those fangs and armored plates…….. nasty.

Health: 110

Damage: 20 PLUS poisoning (dinosaurs do not brush their teeth)

Drops: 1-2 Diamonds, tomatoes, multiple stacks of wheat


T.rexes are friendly. If you see one- don`t fret, he won`t bite unless you attack him first. Postosuchuses tend to get into brawls with rexes- so you might want to hide behind a rex when a postosuchus attacks. In most cases the Rex wins.

Rexes will spawn in any grassy biome. Just like a cow.

Damage: 25 + slowness

Health: 210

Drops: A heavy amount of leather and a good portion of cooked beef


Droids are dangerous killer robots from Minecraft Universe- 1331. In that universe redstone engineering progressed to the point where redstoners began to make super compact robots like these for fighting hostile mobs. Too bad the night mobs from this universe were super smart too. They hacked the robots to get them to attack their creators. 

If you`d like to know where you`d find them- well, they will spawn pretty much everywhere at night in the overworld.

Health: 80

Damage: 18 (A LOT!)

Drops: Tungsten Ingots (Useful as one of the ingredients of one of the most powerful weapons in this Add-on), redstone, pistons, a generous amount of iron.

Track Droid

Track droids are from the alternate Minecraft Universe 1331. Just like their killer droid counterparts they were manufactured by advanced redstoners. Originally, track droids were made as search and rescue robots. The hostile Universe-1331 night mobs, though, hacked them and reprogrammed them to run into and smack players! A really dangerous mob if you are fighting it without armor. Plus it is one fast robot.

Health: 80

Damage: 4

Spawns: At Night- pretty much everywhere

Drops: About the same things as his killer droid brother, except he drops some fire charges too.

Robo Drone

Robo drones originally patrolled the advanced Universe-1331 Redstoner`s homes before getting hacked. Armed with advanced guns- they are one terrible threat to you.

Health: 30


Drops: metal, ingots, etc.

Spawns: In the desert, during the day.

Cannon Droid

One of the most advanced robots ever created by the Universe 1331 redstoners. Armed with a powerful plasma cannon, and high tech tungsten-steel alloy armor, the cannon droid was a scourge to the night mobs. But once they were hacked into turning against their creators, the cannon droids drove the redstoners out of their cities.

Health: A lot.

Damage: Depends on how many of his lightning bolts hit you. Usually a lot.

Drops: Plenty of energy orbs!

Spawns: in any cold/frozen biome.


Ogres are aggressive creatures that spawn at night. They enjoy smacking you and any mobs they don`t like with their standard issue stone hoe. Be careful because they really pack a punch!

Health: 40

Damage: 10 plus slowness

Spawns: Pretty much everywhere at night.

Magma Skeleton

A skeleton that shoots fireballs at you. Nasty.

Health: About 62

Damage: small fireballs!

Drops: blaze powder, hearthstone

Megaton Creeper

This creeper wanted to do better than his friends. He wanted a little more pop to his explosion. So he strapped tnt to himself! A crazy guy!

Damage: Immense. If he explodes on you, not even your diamond armor can save you.

Drops: Much more gunpowder than a normal creeper.

Spawns: In the desert.


Prisms are aggressive creatures from another planet. Rumored to have the ability to harness energy from the sun through their crystal bodies- many have tried to exploit prisms abilities to create advanced lasers, and more recently the legendary photon sword that can slice through everything like a knife through hot butter.

Kill prisms to get photons which you can use to craft the photon sword.

Health: 30

Damage: 10 + night vision

Drops: Glass, Photon

Spawns in desert


The sluggoth is a giant mollusk which terrorizes the world! Inhabiting deserts, it is a deadly beast. That is if it catches up to you or not. It`s fairly easy to run away from. If you do manage to kill it, it“ll drop plenty of dirt pie.

Health: About 900?

Damage: It`s immense. Avoid getting bitten.

Drops: Dirt Pie, Diamonds, dead beetles, corn, etc.


Martians are afraid of everything- so once they are in the comfort of their saucers- they blast everything! Be wary- spawns in the desert at night.

Health: 100+

Damage: Fireballs!

Drops: Nothing


Martians go vacationing in the desert at night. They run from everything though.


The spinosaurus is the largest land predator to ever exist on the earth. At least in it`s universe. It is the most lethal and dangerous dinosaur you can find.

Health: 900

Damage: A lot

Drops: Nothing. Not worth it.


Ah! A vegetarian! This sauropod is harmless- unless you make it angry. Spawns in the savanna


Heh. A stegosaurus. Spawns in the savanna.

The Bad Dinosaur

Very bad dinosaur. A very aggressive and angry t.rex. Spawns rarely at night.


The cockatrice is an aggressive mixture of a dragon and a rooster. They are lone creatures- they hunt alone, they eat alone, they breed alone! (I do not know how on earth that works) They hate everything- attacking even each other. Cockatrices will spawn like mad in the Dragon`s Nest biome- beware! But if you manage to kill one- you can eat it. Cockatrices make really good food.

Spawns in mesa.


Otherworlders are pretty much purpur/shulker golems. They whap you hard just like a golem, while giving you that same standard levitation effect the shulker gives. They hit like a truck. Find them in the End infection biome.


Bulls are nice. They fight hostile mobs. They taste good too- if you manage to take one down which can be hard to do. Find bulls in the plains biome.

Dirt Cube

Dirt Cubes are living grass blocks. They enjoy jumping on hostile mobs. Other than that, they` are not much. They don`t spawn anywhere for now.


Owls are owls. They hoot. Kinda. They will spawn at night- just about anywhere.

Panzer IV

Ah! The legendary German Tank of WWII. It`s shells dig right into shermans- blasting them to bits. Seems like the WWII german army was transported to this universe too. You might find germans and their big tanks chilling in any frozen biome.


Nippers as nasty creatures with a mouth like a vice. They wait for you to pass, and then bite real hard. Spawns in deserts.


The mighty lion patrols the desert at night- hunting for his prey. That is until a UFO goes and blows it sky high.

Small Dragon

Small dragons spawn in the mesa. They are harmless. Although they do blow fire at butterflies.

Ender Knight

An Ender Knight! A knight from the end. You`ll find this guy spawning in the end, and in the overworld- rarely. If he smacks you he will give you blindness for a second or so.


This is steve. He hails from the ‘original’ minecraft universe- universe-1. Equipped with his trusty diamond sword steve dispatches hostile mobs quickly, that is until he runs into a robot or a dinosaur- or some out of this world dimensional monster.

Dragon Frog Turret

Frog Turrets are what they are- turrets. They fire projectiles at hostile mobs- and can even spit out fairy`s which will fight for you.

Give them different dyes to change what they shoot.

Magenta Dye= Fairy`s

Orange Dye= fireballs, I think?

Light Blue Dye= Lightning?

Blue Dye: Fire Orbs?

Cyan Dye: ?!?

Just experiment. I Ben am having memory issues. By the way- there is no way to get frog turrets in survival.

Red Postosuchus

A much angrier, and more aggressive postosuchus. His mom and dad told him he“s got dragon`s blood in him. Apparently- that` came from his grandfather.

Spawns in mesa.

Ender Beast

Rar. An Ender Beast. If you see one, you better run- because it can devour you in one bite.


Chocodiles are a reptilian race of humanoids. They are incredibly warlike and admire and look up to their military leaders- more so even than their king. It has gotten to the point when their King Chocodile is just a puppet- and the general is driving them, steering them, to war.

King Chocodile

The King Chocodile is fat, overfed, and spoiled! Well to keep him out of national affairs- the general pampers him! He` is harmless.


Krakens will fire lightning bolts at you. You will find these aggressive creatures spawning in the sea.

New Mobs

Normal Mobs


Applings are little friendly creatures that you can find wandering in the overworld. Long press on an appling to get free golden apples!


Cassowaries. One of the most dangerous birds known to man. Find these aggressive critters in deserts.


Raptors are aggressive dinosaurs. They, you know? Kill stuff. 

Chocodile Warlord

The shogun of the Chocodiles. This power hungry warmonger has taken control over the Chocodiles so much that their king is now nothing but a figure head. 

He now steers- and leads the Chocodile hordes to war.


Herobrine used to be epic. That is in his universe- when everyone was scared to death of him. But now he is the least of everyone’s concerns. That makes him pretty sad. Herobrine will levitate around aimlessly and smack you aimlessly- venting his frustrations. He had to give up the big bad boss position he used to be in when there were more powerful, dimensional beings than him.

Skeleton And Zombie Nerds

They are responsible for hacking the 1331 robots and having them turn on their creators! Now give them a taste of their own medicine and give these feeble, indoor mobs a good smacking. Skeleton and zombie nerds have been weakened by lack of exercise and as a result opt to run away instead of fighting back if you hit them,

The King of The Land

Give the King of the Land paper to accept his quest. He will join you in your adventure to save the Minecraft Universe! Find him in a building marked by beacons. You can find it in any forest biome. Inside will be his spawn egg.

Me, king Ben. I King Ben will aid you in your quest. What is our quest to be exact? To save the Minecraft Universe from the wiles of Rift-Tech and the Lord of the Realms. We must retrieve my Quake Hammer- one of the most powerful weapons in all time and space and use it to end what could become complete destruction of every single realm and universe in the multiverse. 

The Rift Tech Plotters

Rift-tech is the company responsible for destabilizing the Minecraft Multiverse by their usage of inter-dimensional portals! Pay close attention to these people- because they, their CEO, and the Lord of the Realms- are some of our very worst enemies.

Rift-Tech CEO – Major Villain

The CEO of rift-tech is the man responsible for all the mayhem in the multiverse. His portable portals used for travelling to the nether and the end were bad enough- causing the end to leak into the overworld- and nether energy to combine into a monstrosity called the Imburnnu. But one day he opened a portal to the Multiverse. Actually not one, multiple portals to the multiverse. And now the very fabric of reality is beginning to rip, unable to sustain all the crazy stuff that is happening to fuse all the universes of the Minecraft multiverse together. And he knows it. And he refuses to close down his portals. Why? An old enemy of mine- the Lord of the Realms. One of the most powerful beings in the Minecraft Multiverse is offering him everything he could ever want- in return for keeping those portals open. We must STOP HIM AND THE LORD of the Realms if we are to ever keep this reality, and all other realities together! And the only way to do that is to get back my trusty old weapon, one of the greatest weapons in the Minecraft Universe, the Quake Hammer.

Rift Tech Gunner

One of the guards of the Rift-Tech CEO. His machine gun spits bullets out like mad. A formidable guy.

Rift Tech Guard

Carries the standard rift-tech dimensional energy gun. Guards like him defend rift-tech portals from people who want to sabotage them.

Rift Tech Droid

The rift-tech CEO tried to copy the robotics technology from universe-1331. He pretty much succeeded. Although his robot is a lot bulkier than the cannon droid(the robot he attempted to copy), and the plasma cannon isn`t quite as powerful- his final product ended up a lot more durable than the original. You will not find this guy spawning anywhere for now. 

The Quake Hammer Club

Some of the most formidable bosses in this Add-On. Defeat them to get back the quake hammer!

Spore King

The Spore King was one of the mobs the Lord of the Realms had guard a piece of the Quake Hammer. The handle to be more specific. He spawns in the dark oak forest- albeit rarely.

find the spore king spawning rarely in any dark forest biome

Hector- One of the Main Bosses

Hector the sorcerous was a man who borrowed power from the Ender Dragon and the Wither. From the nether and the end. He reached such an unparalleled level of might that he quickly destroyed both of the mobs that gave him his power. Hector is extremely powerful and can teleport and shoot immense amounts of fireballs. If you defeat him he will drop the right side of the quake hammer- AND the hero sword! A sword that extends your health to 100, gives you regeneration, and allows you to deal at least 130 damage. Vanquishing Hector is very well worth it.

Find Hector spawning rarely in any savanna biome.

Earth Guardian

The Earth Guardian was another mob who the Lord of the Realms delegated a part of the Quake Hammer. It`s power source to be precise.

Find him rarely spawning in the jungle.

Ogre King

The ogre king is the king of the Ogres. For some unknown reason- the Lord of the Realms chose him to guard the left piece of the quake hammer. To make sure no one would be able to take back that left piece- the Lord of the Realms imbued the Ogre King with special strength and durability.

Find him spawning rarely in the swamp biome.

Quaker Oats

The Quaker Oats boss is a powerful mob. And of course- he is a living, vicious, bag of oatmeal. Defeat him to get a bag of oatmeal- a mighty relic we will need to complete the Quake Hammer.

find him rarely spawning in the ice plains biome

Crafting Recipe- Quake Hammer

Main Bosses


The Imburnnu

An evil monster. Is the literal nether embodied in a mob! Created from the overuse of portable rift-tech nether portals it is a frightening terror to the world. More than the wither could ever be. It flattens villages, summons lightning, and blasts civilizations back to the stone age. It must be stopped!

Health: 90,000

Damage: 150 + fireballs +lightning

Drops: Nothing yet

Spawns: Nowhere yet

Lord Of The Realms (Work In Progress)

There are other mobs- plenty of them.

But it`s up to you to try them out in the creative inventory or find them while exploring. 


Currently not working in 1.16- this issue will be resolved soon

End Infection Biome:

Full of dangerous end mobs. The End Infection biome was created as a result of end energy leaking into the overworld due to the overuse of Rift-Techs portable portals.

Do not attempt to go to the end infection biome without good weapons and armor! I suggest stacking up on dirt pie and acquiring a Photon Sword before coming here.

Mobs: Ender Beast, Void, Otherworlder

Dragon`s Nest Biome:

NOTE: Due to problems with biomes in 1.16- the Dragons have been moved to the mesa biome! You will find them there!

Crawling with dragons! It is one nasty place. Do not go here unless you are prepared. Mobs here are far too dangerous to be taken lightly. In fact, what mobs spawn in this biome can be bosses in their own right.

Mobs: Cockatrice, Dragon, Small Dragon, Red Postosuchus


Castle (Removed due to Problems with spawning)

Castles were built by me, King Ben in an effort to protect travellers from all the dimensional mobs popping up everywhere in the world! They are a great place to take refuge from all the chaos.

Spawns in Plains and Savannas.

Basic Home

Built by minecrafters on the run from robots, dragons, dino`s and monsters- feel free to claim one if you find one!

spawns in deserts and plains

Fallen Meteor 

Found around the world. Contains precious ore.

Big trees

Will spawn around the world! Climb to the top! On the highest point of the tree a 2 diamond blocks. Super common- spawns in almost any grassy biome.

Ruined Office

Home to savage employees!

The King`s Monument!

Has the King of the Land`s spawn egg.


Important Ones


Pizza, Bananas- Gives you good effects.

Dirt Pie- Almost as good as a notch apple!

Swords And Weapons

Titanium Diamond Alloy Sword- The first sword you should get! Deals a whopping 18 damage! Craft it with two diamond blocks and a stick.

Photon Sword- A truly mighty sword. Slices mobs efficiently (40 damage!) and sometimes effects you with jump boost and fire resistance. It is kinda hard to get though.

Hero Sword- 2nd most powerful the Add-On. Get it from defeating hector.

Quake Hammer- The Add-ons most powerful weapon. Defeat the quake hammer bosses to get it.  It replaces the fishing rod. It deals 1000 damage when you use it and creates an earthquake if there are mobs nearby.

Power Orbs:

burning ember- explodes

fire orb- deals damage

energy orb- lightning!

Portable Portals- End and nether. Craft with two obsidian and a fire charge/ ender pearl and get a portable portal. Place on cobble to activate.

Blocks: Working Again!

Tip: the boost block (the one with the arrow on it) will give you incredible speed if you step on it.

Crafting Recipes

Get the red circles from killing prisms- those are photons.

Get tungsten ingots from killing robots.

You will need this to craft the photon sword!

The mighty photon sword. A struggle to get. Deals 40 damage and sometimes gives you good effects.

Your first sword! An OP first sword for an OP first day! Deals 19 damage. Climb a tree, get the diamond blocks and turn it into this weapon.

Dirt pie is essential to eat when fighting boss mobs. Gives regen, jump boost, resistance, etc.

You can eat cheese alone but better to craft it into pizza.

Pizza is tasty and gives you temporary good effects.

Boost blocks! Yay! Boosts you forward at immense speeds.

Replace the gold nugget with either redstone/gunpowder to get a burning ember/fire orb.

A portable end portal- place on cobblestone to activate your small end portal!

A small nether portal! Place on cobble to activate.

Sunscreen! Gives you fire resistance for almost 1 hour and 30 minutes!

The Quake Hammer! Defeat Hector, Ogre King, Spore King, Earth Guardian, and the Quaker to get it.

Hero Sword! Deals 130 damage, extends your health to 100, and give you regen! Dropped upon killing Hector.

Edibility Scroll! Can turn dirt, sticks, and gravel into stuff to eat!

You can eat dirt, sticks, and gravel after crafting them with the scroll.

You always get the scroll back! It can turn an infinite number of dirt, sticks, or gravel into food!

Functions for Getting Items:

/function food

Gives you all food items.

/function special_items

Gives you weapons, relics, and other special items.

/function blocks

Gives you all the blocks in the Add-On.



Q: Where do I put the structure pack?

A: The structure pack is a behavior pack. You apply just the same way you`d apply the Dungeon-Craft behavior pack.


Q: Why are the mobs invisible and their spawn eggs are black?

A: Most likely it is due to running other conflicting Add-Ons with Dungeon Craft. Not all Add-ons are compatible. Try putting only Dungeon Craft alone in a world without trying to enable other Add-Ons with it on the same world.


Q: Why aren`t the structures working?

A: You need to enable experimental gameplay for everything in Dungeon Craft to work. Especially the structures. 

For tips and tricks visit my youtube page at

Changelog View more

Another bug fix update in preparation for the next big thing................


Edibility Scroll

-The edibility scroll allows you to make dirt, gravel, and sticks edible. Just surround an edibility scroll with dirt, sticks, or gravel on the crafting table (see recipes) to turn that stuff into food you can eat. You always get it back. An edibility scroll means infinite food!


For ease of access to items- I have added 3 functions.

/function food 

Gives all food items......

/function special_items

Gives all weapons, relics, and other special items.................

/function blocks

gives you all blocks.............................


-Due to biomes not functioning- for now- the Dragon`s have been moved to the mesa biome. That`s where they will spawn.

Bug Fixes

-Stopped Drowned from wielding the Quake Hammer.

v2- Check v2 changelog/write-up

v2.1- Bug fixes


-Re-added blocks. You can obtain them via commands and crafting. Tungsten and Energy blocks through- cannot be crafted anymore. They are no longer needed due to being replaced by tungsten and photon bunches (check crafting recipes)!

-Stopped fire from spawning together with the structure "basic dungeon".

-Other minor bug fixes to make Dungeon-Craft better!


-Added Hector, Chocodile General, Earth Guardian, Ogre King, Appling, Raptors. Cassowaries- and more!

-Defeat Hector to get the Hero Sword.

-Defeat Quaker Oats, Hector, Earth Guardian, Ogre King, and Spore King to get the Quake Hammer!

-Added the King of the Land! Give him paper and he will aid you in your quest to save the Minecraft Universe.

-nerfed dinosaurs.


-Added Ruined buildings, and the Kings Monument.


-Changed the Photon sword recipe. Check recipes to see it.

-Added Quake Hammer recipe.


Installation Instructions:

1. Download both the structure pack and the Add-On. The structure pack is what contains all the structures in the Add-On (It may take much longer to load than the Add-On itself!). Importing the Add-on will be easy peasy. The structure pack though will require patience. Possibly taking 3 minutes to import, and 3 minutes to load into a world for the first time.

2. Enable experimental gameplay before creating a new world with Dungeon Craft in it! 



Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. tt89332 says:

    Hello, I hope you can create their exclusive altars for all bosses, which makes it easier for players to find them instead of waiting for them to refresh indefinitely.

    • tt89332 says:

      Maybe you can add a creature like a flying mount, which can help the player run the map to find the altar.

      • Dirt Man says:

        Nice idea. I actually tried making altars. Although it appeared that those structures didn`t work and prevented the other structures from spawning. I don`t know tho- I should probably try again. BTW- how do you think this ‘flying mount’ should look?

        • tt89332 says:

          Hello, I am a Chinese player, I communicate with you through translation software, my English is not very good, sorry.

        • tt89332 says:

          I have played many addons. They usually add flying horses or dragons. There are dragons in this addon, so I suggest that you can add a friendly dragon to allow players to tame with items (I recommend using golden apples or diamonds) Blocks because they are more expensive). As for the way of flying, you can refer to Expansive Fantasy addon. The flying system in this addon is the most comfortable in all addons I have played, because it is very convenient for players to control.

        • tt89332 says:

          I’m glad you can listen to my advice, because the addon you made is really great, there are many parts to explore, and there are many creatures in it, that is, they are too powerful, and it hurts me too much. In addition, I found a bug that players can obtain fishing rods, that is, Thor’s Hammer, from the naturally generated small submarine ruins or the submarine ruins on land, I think it reduces the difficulty of the game, hahaha, but it is convenient for me to defeat Powerful boss, I’m sorry I took advantage of this bug, maybe because the boss is too powerful?

        • Papiture says:

          I love this mod for the large amount of things it brings but there is a problem with the ghast they have no face their texture this bug

  2. Guest-5639171485 says:

    Is it multiplayer friendly?

    • Dirt Man says:

      Yes, You can play with your friends with this Add-On. I`ve tried it on multiplayer myself. Worked fine. When your friends join your world with Dungeon Craft- a popup in Minecraft will appear that will give them an option to download the “Resource Packs” in the world. They must do that for Dungeon-Craft to also work for them on their side.

  3. Guest-3506425116 says:

    Hey i really want to do this but when i try to download this the website makes me subscribe to download this can you help? Or add a mediafire link

  4. Guest-5992729289 says:

    Before I update to 2.2 did you put back the previous structures from 2.0?

    • Dirt Man says:

      Which structures are you talking about? The castle? Or something else. I remember having added some other structures into the game- but I removed them because I thought they didn`t work. Why? Did you see them? Were they working? If so I will add them back.

      • Guest-2617313731 says:

        It seemed like the structure with a spawner and a nether portal like build was missing and Ik you are working on the castle rn

        • Dirt Man says:

          Oh. You mean the Rift-Tech portal. Sure I`ll add that back in. And yes- I am working on the castle. So far it`s still either (a getting split in half or (b looking like it was bombed- whenever it spawns. Expect a really long wait when it comes to fixing the castle.

  5. Guest-8554533564 says:

    The download link does nit work wt all it just brings me to a homepros website in the end

    • Dirt Man says:

      Often gesty redirects you to weird websites when you press the skip ad button. But I notice that, usually, it only does that if you press on the far right side of the skip ad button. (You know the skip ad button has an arrow at the end? “Skip Ad ->”, often pressing on, or close to that arrow brings you to weird websites. Try pressing on the left side of the skip ad button. It tends to bring you straight to the download link.

      • Dirt Man says:

        If you are on mobile though- the opposite is true. You`ll need to press the arrow on the skip ad button to get redirected to the download page. (At least that was the way it was for me on my phone)

  6. Dirt Man says:

    The structure pack is a behavior pack. You install it as such.

  7. Dirt Man says:

    Yes, this add-on works for 1.15.

  8. Raser4845 says:

    Some one the Structures that are supposed to be built are partially built

  9. CreeperGamer XYZ says:

    does this work for 1.15? like the bosses?

  10. Dirt Man says:

    @Guest-6864823235- what structure can`t you find? All of them? If you want structures to work you have to turn on experimental gameplay and apply both the Add-On and the structure pack. Make sure you are also playing on at least Minecraft Bedrock 1.16

  11. Guest-6864823235 says:

    I can’t find a structure

  12. Guest-6969606400 says:

    Where do you put the structure addon?

  13. Dirt Man says:

    @Guest-5793977492 The spawn egg bug you were talking about could be you trying to run Dungeon Craft with other Add-Ons. Not all Add-Ons are compatible with each other (Sometimes they conflict).

  14. Dirt Man says:

    @Guest-3434788623 That seems pretty bad. I`m not sure why it would be that way. Maybe it is because you have an ad blocker on. Or you may need to press the skip ad button more than once since gesty is notorious for redirecting users around wildly. If the skip ad button does absolutely nothing though- I don`t know.

  15. Dirt Man says:

    @Guest-5793977492- Yes you got that right! There are less structures- one less to be exact. I actually removed the castle in update 2.1 because there were extreme problems with it. There were two methods of implementing it. (1 Have the game generate it block by block (2 Have the game generate it from a structure block file. After 1.16 both methods worked horribly. Using the 1st method resulted in the castle looking like it had been blown to bits- while using the second method often got the castle sawn in half- lengthwise or vertically whenever it would spawn. I will fix this when I can. (BTW also the trees in the end biome may not be functioning- that will be fixed). And concerning the drowned- sure, I`ll prevent them from holding the Quake Hammer.

  16. Dirt Man says:

    @Guest-9378270806- a major update will be coming soon to conclude the storyline in the Add-On. (At least for the storyline now) It will mostly focus on the final boss the Lord of The Realms- and defeating him and the Rift-Tech CEO. It will also add lots more mobs and structures. Right now that update is in progress. This update for DC (2.1) was merely a bug fix update to fix bugs that were created during DC 2.0.

    • Guest-5793977492 says:

      Just a heads up I updated to v2.1 and it seemed there were less structures than v2.0 and found a weird bug where almost every spawn egg was white * I may have forgot to turn on experimental gameplay but I’m for sure there are less structures after the 2.1 update. Also be aware that there is a chance drowned mobs can hold a fishing rod which is the quake hammer

  17. Dirt Man says:

    @Guest-4635581467 I tested the links and installed the Add-On. So far the add-on has been working and so have the links. So what is the problem? Have the ads been particularly annoying this time?
    Maybe you might have pressed one of the wrong and dangerous buttons. Don`t download anything unless you have been redirected to Mediafire.

    • Guest-3434788623 says:

      when i click it it loads a gesty link then when i click skip ad it does nothing
      plz help

      • Guest-3771913441 says:

        The same thing and i thought it was only me. I tried multiple times. I think the creator did an amazing job with this mod and responding to everyone. I just dont know if he could fix the download link?

      • Dirt Man says:

        Try refreshing the gesty page. Also avoid pressing on the right side of the
        Skip Ad button.
        “Skip Ad ->” “Skip Ad ->”
        I`ve tried it- and pressing on the left side of the skip ad button
        often brings you right to the download page.

        If the skip ad button does absolutely nothing…. I don`t know.
        I`ll try to look into it.

        • Dirt Man says:

          Sorry- I tested that method on mobile- and it turns out that the opposite is true. If you are downloading on mobile- try pressing on the arrow, and not the left side of the skip ad button to get redirected to the download page.
          If you are on a computer, press the left side.

  18. Dirt Man says:

    I am not sure if the biomes work. I`ll update them to make sure they will. Whenever Minecraft gets an update (in this case 1.16) – codes formats change so some things may not work. You won`t find dragons anywhere for now- that is if the biomes do not spawn. For now- in a newer update maybe I`ll have them spawn in the mesa? Or something else.

  19. Dirt Man says:

    Sure @Guest-1867432820, I`ll add alligators.

  20. Dirt Man says:

    The link isn`t working? Or is it terribly bugged? Please tell me the issue and I will fix it today.

  21. Guest-4635581467 says:

    i found a bug (when i install this i get trash instead of an addon)

  22. Guest-9378270806 says:

    When will come the “good” update? Cuz right now this addon is really bad.

  23. Dirt Man says:

    Sorry JustinGamer0090 LOL. Not replacing the fishing rod to make the Quake Hammer would be pretty complicated- because there is no direct way to do that. Maybe in a future Minecraft update- making new fishing-rod type items will be easier.

    • Guest-1867432820 says:

      Do the biomes work again now???if not then where do I find dragons? Also I suggest adding alligators for the swamps they should be neutral on land and hostile in the water they should be very fast in water

  24. Dirt Man says:

    You can find prisms in the desert at night. They`ll be pretty common. Just be careful. There are lots of other- more dangerous mobs there too!

  25. Guest-8831599507 says:

    where can i find the prism? :(((

  26. Guest-7987766366 says:

    This Addon is Incredible!!!!!!

  27. Guest-7509638595 says:


  28. Guest-1054429413 says:

    Does anyone know where to put the structure pack? I play on Xbox and I would like structures because they increase this mod’s greatness by so much.

  29. JustinGamer0090 LOL says:

    Can you make the quake hammer not replace the fishing rod?

  30. Dirt Man says:

    Sure! You can make a roleplay series on my Add-on, Bdude1994cool.

  31. Bdude1994cool says:

    Hey I was wondering if you’re fine with me in making a roleplay series on my channel my channel is called Bdude1994 cool

  32. Guest-9948260795 says:

    Its says “unknown pack version” how can i fix that?

  33. Guest-6714140739 says:

    This reminds me of the carnage addon for a minute…

  34. Guest-6163122941 says:

    Where are the tungsten blocks

  35. Guest-3570860745 says:

    I forgot to mention im on laptop so is it shouldn’t be as lagging as it is (I’m the last comment)

  36. Guest-8526113166 says:

    I forgot to turn experimental and education so it copied the world but it didn’t go past 40 percent so can u try to simplify it a bit to work a bit better. thx ^_^

    • Guest-6442082699 says:

      it’s not their modpack, you just should remember to turn it on before hand, it’s a large modpack and will take a bit to load in the first time you get on minecraft, especially depending on your pc.

  37. Guest-2408665995 says:

    Is there any sort of despawning mechanism? Once mobs spawn in they won’t despawn and playing over like 15 minutes in a world is death for my Xbox because there is far too many mobs loaded in. This could also be because I’m on the 1.16 beta and they introduced pariety despawning with Java.

  38. Guest-7624965570 says:

    Most of the new mobs are invisible and the spawn eggs are black! How do I fix this?

  39. Guest-1306921313 says:

    Where do i put structure folder?

  40. Guest-3194403624 says:

    I was wrong I just needed to enable experimental gameplay and all the structures started working

  41. Guest-8874259806 says:

    The structures and biomes aren’t work for me here on Xbox

  42. Guest-3290323513 says:

    Como creeo la espada que falta?

  43. Guest-4393930431 says:

    the titanium sword hits like a stick yet the game is still good

  44. Guest-9177075366 says:

    Cool addon but the dinosaurs need some model improvements.

  45. Guest-1622397448 says:

    yea some mobs like the orge are invsisble

  46. Guest-5458189943 says:

    Is the dinosaurs have epilepsy can’t curve There neck and arm and legs and even the tail but good addon

  47. Guest-1693343671 says:

    Some of the enemies aren’t rendering for me. Keep getting killed my invisible guys.

  48. Guest-5964031258 says:

    You just made Metal Slug, without the modern things, guns, and right characters. And I love it!

  49. Usuario says:

    olá, eu queria que seu addon fosse ara 1.16 pfvr ;-;. obrigado ela atenção.

  50. Kirby420 says:

    Can you make custom weapons that don’t replace items (ex. the hammer)? Some people found easy fixes around these things by making them food, and when trying to eat them they shoot a projectile or something.

  51. Guest-6675568616 says:

    Is the structure pack just for structures and not biomes or for both?

  52. PresidentGato says:


  53. Bubbles06 says:

    Oh and does this work on Xbox?

  54. Bubbles06 says:

    Amazing add-on, if u have a discord for this addon, can you put the link in the bio?

  55. Acrimeforadime says:

    Good, except for the dinosaur models. Those need more work

  56. Guest-9088684165 says:

    oh my god this is the best thing ever

  57. Guest-7457269525 says:

    What is the baby dinosaur with a crown and is it rare

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