Dungeon Craft v8.1 Europe Update- BUG FIXES

A rift has opened and now all the universes in the Minecraft multiverse are combining into one. The Bishnell Empire is on a rampage to to conquer the globe. It`s now up to you to save the minecraft UNIVERSE!


Dungeon Craft is like MCPE Crazy Craft! With tons of biomes, items and weapons, hundreds of mobs-this addon IS BIG!

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MACHINE_BUILDER: for his program feature rule generator. I used it for putting in the ginormous trees you see in the addon.


AND TO BLOCKBENCH: Makes it very easy to make minecraft models. 


New in Update v8.0

Huge improvements to the game! Talking npc`s are back! New region: Europe! New nations: Orlovy, Mughal Empire, Liure, and a redo of Yamato. New biomes: the Daurfrost and the Kingdom of Eternal Night! New weapons, food, improvements, lore, and much more!

Dungeon Craft

A rift has opened and now all the universes in the Minecraft multiverse are combining into one. An evil empire is on it`s path to conquer the universe!

It`s now up to you to save the Minecraft world from certain destruction!

Info about the 1.18 version

Dungeon Craft biomes in 1.18

Dungeon Craft now has an optional version that has biomes working in 1.18! Mojang announced that custom biomes will no longer work in 1.18- so I went around this by making a pack that replaces pre-existing biomes with Dungeon Craft biomes. Bear in mind though- the biomes in Dungeon Craft 1.18 edition are not as pretty as the in the original. (Due to limitations). And the nation`s cities all spawn in the plains biome instead of their own themed biome.  

But it is good enough. And most of the major locations and lore is still in the 1.18 edition of Dungeon Craft.

The version of 1.16/1.17 is still the best- and if you decide to downgrade that one is available for download here on this page, still!

Biome Replacements in 1.18 are as Follows:

Swamp and Desert= Dragon Nest

Savannah= Toxic Biome

Flower Forest= Moon Forest

Oak Forest= Ender Infection

Birch Forest= Nether Infection

Dark Forest= Crystal Biome

Taiga (Spruce Forest)= Daurfrost

Mega Taiga= Nachtnebel/Kingdom of Eternal Night

How to Play

The overall aim of Dungeon Craft is to get back the Quake Hammer (the most powerful weapon in the universe), defeat the Bishnell Empire and the Lord of the Realms- and save the Minecraft multiverse!

Starting Out

Starting Weapons and Armor

Monsters in Dungeon Craft are so strong that usually you will get one shotted if you get into a fight with them, unarmored! To make sure you will at least survive- you will need diamond armor. Climb a giant tree…. Like the one shown here.

Make it to the top, and you will find 2 diamond blocks. Mine these and use them to make your first weapons and armor. If you take more diamond blocks from other trees you can craft a pretty strong sword, the reinforced diamond sword. It deals 19 damage and should be enough to fend off basic dungeon craft night monsters.

You can get some food easily by looking for fruits and veggies that can be easily found throughout the world.

Fruit Trees

There are fruit trees in dungeon craft. You can find orange and lemon trees all over the world. Mangoes though, are exclusive to the tropical USJ.


Steel Production

You cannot just stay with diamond weapons though. If you really want to thrive in the crazy world of Dungeon Craft- and be dominating your foes- then you must first start by making steel! Almost all powerful weapons in dungeon craft require steel one way or another.

Without it- progressing will be slow. You must industrialize! Of course, you will need advanced weapons. In dungeon craft you will be fighting not just singular mobs, but powerful and evil empires like Bishnell! (Most nations in Dungeon Craft are on your side though- more on that later).

How to Produce Steel

Start by smelting coal in a blast furnace.

 This will turn into coal coke. Coal coke is used for crafting steel in a crafting table. Craft 2 coke with an iron nugget to get a steel nugget. With 8 steel nuggets and a piece of coke you can make a steel ingot. With 9 steel ingots you can make a steel bunch, and with 9 steel bunches- a steel block. More powerful weapons require more and more steel. So be sure to make as much as you can.

When you have more steel you can craft Bessemer converter that can turn iron into steel-instantly!

You can also get steel by attacking Chocodile encampments, or searching for chests in the nations.

Starter Steel Weapons!

With steel and a bit of gunpowder one can make a myriad of early gunpowder weapons! Shotguns, hand cannons, automatic crossbows, rockets, etc. Just look in the crafting table. You will need these weapons for your wars and adventures. Later on when you have more steel, and have mined for ores like rubies you can make increasingly more advanced weapons, and even produce soldiers, heavy guns, or even helicopters! (More on that later- see wars)

Ores and more Powerful Weapons

Ores in Order: Ruby, Chrysocolla, Ametrine

Dungeon craft ores can be found near bedrock. You have ruby, chrysocolla, and ametrine. Ruby and Ametrine can be turned into good sets of armor and powerful weapons.

Tip: energy armor is the best set. (the orange one) Ametrine armor is the 2nd best (the purple one)

Ruby, mainly used for technologically advanced weapons, and Ametrine for more magical ones. Chrysocolla is used to make a bunch of different items. There are a huge amount of weapons in Dungeon Craft- a lot more than I can describe here:

Discover them for yourself! I recommend trying them out in creative first- determining which ones you like. Look for their recipes in the crafting table once you are in survival and try grinding for the resources you need. Most of the cool ones though will be in the building blocks section of the creative inventory/crafting table. Bear that in mind.

Just bear this in mind. If you want a strong sword for fighting big bosses you should  make a sword known as the star cleaver. It deals a ton of damage and even has special abilities when right clicked/long held.

You need to go to Achimgoyo to get the materials for it.

Energy Armor and the Photon Sword

If you want an upgrade for that- you need go to the crystal biome. Photons which are dropped by the prism mob (which spawns there) can be used to make an incredibly strong weapon.

This weapon is the Photon Sword- it deals upwards of 300 damage and gives you potion effects when you right click it. Very good. It is really important for defeating the executives- some of the mightiest monsters in the game- who drop pieces of the Quake Hammer.

Your photons can also be used to craft ametrine armor into the mighty energy armor.

And you will need the Quake Hammer to defeat the final boss (in the future). You will also need tungsten to get the Photon sword. You get that by killing droids. For now you can attack Bishnell Empire bases or try fighting off the invading Bishnell armies in Zhongguo to get them.

Try Right Clicking on Weapons! Some swords, weapons, and tools in Dungeon Craft have special abilities when you right click-long press them!

Bishnell bases spawn in plains biomes and deserts…..

2 Very Important Materials

In v8.0 you cannot simply use rubies and ametrine once you get them! Pay attention to these 2 important materials you will need to use rubies and ametrine- and in essence- to get the most powerful weapons in the game!

To use rubies…

Hearthstone (block)

You need to craft them with hearthstone. Hearthstone can only be found in the Dragonnest biome as a drop from magma skeletons. Be careful when traversing the dragonnest as it is full of hostile monsters, environmental dangers- like fire, magma, cliffs, and of course- dragons!

To Use Ametrine….

Galeyan Land Warships in the Daurfrost

You will need Bibulus saxum. It is a technological component from the ancient nation of Galeya. Galeya was destroyed 6,000 years ago in a cataclysm after it fought to try and conquer the world. Now all that remains is their robots and the ruins of their civilization- either burning in the Dragonnest, or freezing in the Daurfrost. You can only find Bibulus saxum, though, in the Daurfrost. And you can only get them inside chests in a Galeyan Temple.

You will have to fight through a lot of ancient Galeyan automatons to get your hands on Bibulus Saxum.

But it will be worth it. You can use Bibulus Saxum to recreate powerful Galeyan weapons- such as this cannon. It deals 1200 damage per shot!

How to get Golden Apples

You can get normal golden apples from a mob called an Appling that can be found in the plains or forest biome. Right click them to get golden apples.

If that isn`t good enough for you- you can craft dirt pie. It is very cheap. Only costing dead beetles, corn and dirt, to craft. It gives you very good regeneration, resistance, speed, and jump boost. Perfect for fighting bosses.

But if you still want something better- you can get Gapples from these little steam-powered robots that spawn in Liure. Right click them and they give you Gapples- for free!

Heroes and Tamable Mobs

In Dungeon Craft you can find spawn eggs to use to spawn in Heroes to fight on your side. All of them are extremely powerful and very potent on the battlefield.

To get them to fight for you, find their spawn egg, spawn them in- and give them a piece of paper to tame them. Usually they can be found in the nation/region they come from in Dungeon Craft!


There are more heroes than shown here- but these ones are the most important lore-wise!

King Ben

Place of Origin: ?

Where to Find Him: you can find King Ben`s altar in forests

King Ben was the bearer of the mighty Quake Hammer. At least he used to be… until he was ambushed by the Executives and stripped of that powerful weapon. The only one capable of defeating the Bishnell Empire- and the Lord of the Realms.

King Ben is from another world. And now he embarks on a quest to save this world, one he knows next to nothing about! Fighting his old, terrifying enemies, you, King Ben, and the heroes of this world must take back the Quake Hammer- and put an end to the Bishnell Empire and the Lord of the Realms-once and for all!


Nation of Origin: Montepoli

Abilities: Firing Laser Beams!

Where to Find: Secete City (Military HQ)

Kyla is a member of the SBP. A organization of powerful super soldiers in Montepoli. Members of the SBP are equipped with extremely powerful gear, biological enhancements- or both! Kyla in her case, wields an extremely powerful laser cannon, and a protective suit.

In the SBP Kyla does more of the scouting and spying missions- far away from home.

After reporting to the Montepoli generals that Bishnell was organizing monster armies to attack them, she got fired. The traitorous general Izaiah called Kyla`s report a ridiculous farse. “How can stupid monsters organize into armies with a definite goal?” But day by day- Kyla`s words ring more and more true. Will she have to the courage to stand up and fight for the truth, if need be- even alone? If Montepoli does not ready to defend itself- the consequences will be devastating. 

Xiuying Zhanzheng

Nation of Origin: Zhongguo

Where to Find: Huoyan

6,000 years ago, just as it is today- the entire world waged a war against an evil Empire- Galeya. A being called the Realm Herald fought on the side of the world- until he was killed in a battle against the entire Galeyan military. In his dying breaths he gave portions of his immense power to the royal families of this world- to continue the fight in his stead.

Lady Xiuying is the Baoshi of the Zhongguo Wangkuan, the highest ranking leader of Zhongguo. Xiuying`s family, Zhanzheng was one of the families who received powers from the Realm Herald. For centuries they shed their blood fighting against evil- with the mighty fire powers granted to them.

Xiuying, thrust into leadership of Zhongguo, at the age of 19- in a time of great war and turmoil does not know what to do. Will the fire of Zhanzheng burn bright in her? Will she lead the Asian nations to victory against Bishnell- as her forefathers did against Galeya? Or will her flame be snuffed out?

Ga Eul

Nation of Origin: Achimgoyo

Where to Find: Yeosu

Ga Eul is the world famous idol singer from Achimgoyo. Coming from a poor family- his father slaved day and night in a mine to send him to music school when he saw the boy had immense talent.  

Today Ga Eul appears to be nothing more than a musician. But secretly he is a force of the resistance- a sponsor of the rebellion. Ga Eul`s family, and his best friend Soda Nikushimi were taken away from him by the Golden Knife- the Yamato secret police- never to be seen again. And he promised he will not stop until the evil Generals of Yamato and their secret police are put to justice. He will not stop until he finds his family, his best friend- Soda again.

And rumors are swirling- the Golden Knife and these evil Generals are conspiring against the Asian Nations- and working with Bishnell.

Aika Takahashi

Nation of Origin: Yamato/Achimgoyo

Where to Find: Yakushi Palace, Achimgoyo

Abilities: Bow and Arrow!

Aika Takahashi is from the noble Takahashi Clan of Yamato. Being the eldest of a family with no sons, her father tried to teach her the use of the blade. Unfortunately for him, Aika was absolute trash with sword fighting. Desperate for his daughter to have some fighting skills, Homura Takahashi hired a Achimgoyoan archer to teach her the use of the bow. This explains why Aika wears an Achimgoyoan robe even though she is from Yamato.

Aika now fights alongside Cha Kang Dae to free Achimgoyo, and stop the Yamato generals from taking over her country. From the intel they are receiving from Ga Eul`s men, it appears even the Yamato Emperor himself is powerless to stop the Generals- and is being held hostage in Achimgoyo. It seemed inevitable though, since the Emperor is just a child anyway.

Edge (Cha Kang Dae)

Cha Kang Dae was the son of a Achimgoyoan archer. Being trash at the bow, his father was forced to hire a Yamato swordsman to teach his son.

Edge became a mighty warrior, slaying monsters left and right to defend his homeland. Although he is from Achimgoyo, Edge now sports a full suit of samurai armor and a katana.

Edge spawns at the top of the Yakushi Treasure Palace in Yamato, recruit him with paper

Amell Durchenwald

Nation of Origin: Orlovy

Abilities: Killing monsters with his lightning-infused claymore

The prince of Orlovy. The great sturmritter (storm knight). His mighty lightning strikes fear into the heart of even the strongest of monsters. In Orlovy`s struggle against the Kingdom of Eternal Night- Amell Durchenwald is a powerful warrior. Always fighting against evil as his forefathers did during the Galeyan War- Amell Durchenwald never backs down in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds- taking down entire armies of the Kingdom of Eternal Night on his own.



You can tame steg, elephants, parasoralophus, apatosaurus, and elephants with wheat. You can tame trex with raw beef.


Warfare and Nations

All nations are friendly except for the Bishnell Empire!

War is a huge part of Dungeon Craft. Whether or not you want large scale military combat enabled in your world though is up to you. Simply do not apply the Dungeon Craft war pack if you do not want huge wars that can devastate entire nations!

War is the means to the end in the game. You must war to defeat the Bishnell Empire. There are many ways to go by this- one of them is by making your own military to fight. Steel and the new ores, chrysocolla, ametrine, and rubies can be crafted together to make 4 new items.

Recruit Attack Helicopter

Recruit Soldier

Recruit Artillery

Recruit Close Support Aircraft

These act like spawn eggs for military units that will attack enemy forces for you. They will not follow you though. The way to use them is (for example you are defending Zhongguo from a Rift-Tech attack) is to spawn them in near enemies and let them do what they do. Soldiers fire their guns, artillery shoot powerful, explosive shells, and the helicopters and aircraft rain down fire from above.

The nations you will have to fight in the game are as follows;

(1 The Bishnell Empire

The rest of the nations are friendly and will aid you on your journey.

The Most Powerful Weapons in the Multiverse?

The Quake Hammer is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe- and one of the only 2 weapons that can do any significant harm to the final boss of the Add-On.

The Lord of the Realms in a past battle with King Ben, took the Quake Hammer and smashed it to pieces. He took the pieces and gave each piece to some incredibly powerful monsters- known as the “Executives”.  

The Lord of The Realms and the Executives:

The Executives are the most powerful monster underlings of the Lord of the Realms. Some executives could devastate entire cities on their own. In the future you will have to defeat all the top ones (Ogre King, Hector, Spore King, Quaker Oats, and Earth Guardian) to get the pieces of the Quake Hammer. Right now the only executive available is Hector. He spawns in his “dark castle” dungeon in the draggonest.


Quaker Oats

Spore King

Ogre King


The Imburnnu and the Lord of the Realms are the strongest bosses in the game. The Imburnnu spawns at the top of the dark castle. The Lord of the Realms ,though, will be unavailable until the Bishnell Empire (the actual nation, not just the mobs is added in Civilization Update II: Europe).

The Imburnnu- a monster created by portal energy

For the sake of simplicity not all mobs in the game will be listed since there are about 300! :O


The Bishnell Empire

The most advanced civilization the world has ever seen. The German Bishnell Empire`s mighty army of mech`s, robots, and men wielding unearthly weapons marches from the heart of Europe to Conquer the world. The self-declared Emperor of Bishnell, Ren Von Obern, once the CEO of the most powerful company in the nation overthrew the once-benevolent government of Bishnell….. and now turns the technological might of the nation to conquer the world- and using the vast array of portals they possess- even the multiverse. Although the nations solely blame Von Obern, his men, and his officials for the violence- little do they know he has a powerful backer- a being with power the likes of Minecraft universe has ever seen.

The dimensional energy coming from Bishnell`s portals is causing all of the universes to combine into one. One their secret backer- hopes will allow him to reign supreme over the entire multiverse.







Region I: Asia

Most nations have talking NPCs, NPCs you can trade with such as grocers, jewellers, and cooks! :D Try to interact with the locals on your adventures!


Also one of the best vacation destinations in Dungeon Craft!

Montepoli is one of the states of the Southeast Asian Union. A tropical island country- it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world of Dungeon Craft!

The Southeast Asian Union used to be poor and struggling under the shackles of communism as the USJ- but the day finally came when the cruel tyrant, Jeremy Carlos, was overthrown. Now a new day dawns on the Southeast Asian Union as a vast a sprawling global superpower- and never again will they let anyone take away their freedom. But will they hold onto their resolve in the face of the invasion by the Bishnell Empire, the most advanced civilization the world has ever seen?


Secete is a city which acts as the main military headquarters of the USJ. You can find Kyla waiting in the Montepoli Military HQ.

Secete is known also for it`s factory that has now started to make fighting robots- made directly to counter the Bishnell Empire.

Montepoli City

Montepoli city, known as the Pearl of the Orient, is a beautiful city situated in the north of Montepoli. A historical trading hub between Europe and Asia- Montepoli city has significant European influence as can be seen in the architecture of the buildings. Really, it is something quite rare in Asia. When visiting Montepoli there are many things to do. One can go over to the Pearl Inn to stay the night.

 If you are feeling hungry you can go to the Fiesta Plaza to buy local delicacies from the food stalls. Leader Juan Carlos` home is also a good place to visit.  

Wilds of Montepoli

Montepoli is covered in vast jungles. Climb the trees to pick mangoes! Strange giant flowers grow there too, so keep your eyes peeled for those.

Be careful when wandering the wild areas of the USJ because there are an unusual amount of Chocodiles there. Somehow some of them even have guns! Where they are getting these weapons, and why the monsters are getting smarter and more organized, the USJ military officials cannot tell. Kyla insists though that it is because the Bishnell Empire is controlling their minds with the help of being from another world.


Achimgoyo, the land of the morning calm. Achimgoyo is known worldwide for it`s delicious food, rich tradition, and most of all for it`s world famous idol singer- Ga Eul. Achimgoyo struggles under the oppression of the Yamato generals who took de facto control of the nation through deceptive and forceful methods. Perhaps it will be the spark that will light a rebellion against the corrupt generals of the Tekoku-Gun- and their secret police, the golden knife!

The Moon Forest

The strange blue forests came about in Achimgoyo from the intense elemental energy coming from the crystals in the chasm. The trees have fully crystalized in this forest. Beware. The Golden Knife- the Yamato General`s personal military men- sometimes wander through the forest.

The Chasm (and elemental crystals)

The Achimgoyo Chasm may look like a heap of stones- but it is the 3,000 year old remains of a crystal dragon known as the Ciliy Tastan. The Ciliy Tastan was an absolutely immense and powerful monster while it was alive. But 3,000 years ago it mysteriously fell out of the sky- dead, landing where the Achimgoyo Chasm is located today. Over the years it`s stone body crumbled, leaving heaps of limestone and crystal- that form the jagged crystal peaks you see today.

The crystals of the chasm can harness elemental energy. Swords can be crafted with them that can manipulate fire, electricity, earth, and even plants. Such is the value of these crystals for weapon making that the Yamato Generals (who overthrew their emperor in secret)- went and took control of Achimgoyo to obtain these precious stones. Enslaving thousands of Achimgoyans to mine them, the Generals and their private organizations are developing weapons to allow them to control Yamato and Achimgoyo. And rumors are swirling that they are betraying the Asian nations- for Bishnell!

If you come to the chasm. Prepare to fight. Golden Knife officers spawn here- the Yamato General`s secret police. They will stop at nothing to destroy you.


Yeosu city is the capital of Achimgoyo. It is a beautiful city. Ga Eul spawns here in his house. Visit him and give him paper to recruit him.

The Resistance (And Yakushi Treasure Palace)

The only ones remaining to stand against the Yamato Generals and their secret police, the golden knife, are the traditional warriors of Yamato and Achimgoyo. Ga Eul is exhausting every single emerald to support them in their war. It is a war between swords, bows, spears and the advanced secret weapons of the Yamato Generals. Perhaps you can turn the tide……………

The resistance at Achimgoyo can be found in the Yakushi treasure Palace. It spawns there sometimes. At the very top of the palace you can visit Edge (Cha Kang dae) and Aika Takahashi. To recruit them to help you on your journey, give them paper.


Yamato is a powerful island nation, fighting on the side of the Asian Powers against Bishnell. Possessing the world`s mightiest navy- they are a force to be reckoned with. But trouble is brewing in Yamato- and their traitorous generals are turning against their allies- and their own people.


The bustling capital of Yamato. Shinokawa`s majestic palace inspires awe from travelers who would come from all over the world to see it.  When you visit Shinokawa do not forget to eat at the restaurants! Yamato`s sushi and sashimi is delicious.

Yamato`s countryside


The nation of Zhonggou is beset on all sides. Her provinces overrun by monsters, the Imburnnu a literal force of nature destroying her cities, and the Bishnell empire rampaging through leaving a trail of death and destruction. Who will save Zhonggou? Her people though brave, though fighting valiantly, are not prepared for a war as this- a war against a force like the world has never seen.



Not even Yamato and the Southeast Asian Union are enough to turn the tide- but maybe with the power of the Quake Hammer, and the Heroes- maybe you can….



Jinshu has fallen. The Imperial might of Bishnell is now directed at the destruction of Huoyan, the capital of the nation. Can the people of Zhonggou save their city?

Huoyan is the current capital of Zhonggou. The leader of Zhonggou, Lady Xiuying- the Baoshi of the Wangkuan- resides here.

Huoyan has a lot of stores and restaurants open. Due to the war though, now there are rations in place on food. Ration cards are being distributed at the Huoyan Commission in exchange for steel making materials.

 If you want to purchase something in Huoyan you will have to trade with the Commission secretary for ration cards



Xixan Outpost

A base of the Zhongguo military. The brave men and women of Zhongguo are fighting for the very survival of their people as a nation.


Jinshu is the old imperial capital of Zhongguo- it used to be the seat of the most powerful man in the world. Now Zhongguo has fallen back and is a far cry from what it used to be as a nation. Jinshu was taken over by Bishnell and is now occupied. Perhaps you can save the city.


The Mughal Empire

The Mughal Empire is another of the Asian Nations. With opulent palaces, vast beaches, jungles full of monkeys and elephants- the Mughal Empire is a sight to behold. In the war against Bishnell the Mughal Empire has resorted to a different way of fighting- scamming them!




From the energy pouring from the end dimension to the overworld from Rift Tech portals comes the enderinfection. A hostile environment full of strange creatures- and otherworldly flora and fauna. Tread with caution, traveller.


The fire of the nether burns bright in the overworld. The very fire, the very energy that created the monster, the Imburrnnu. Strange monsters live in the netherinfection. If you come, come prepared, come ready to fight. The world of Minecraft is no longer what we have known it as for years. It is alien.

Dragon Nest

A dark and jagged mountain, set ablaze, rises towards the sky. Very few who have climbed the peaks have come back down. Dragons inhabit the crags and the cliffs of the mountain. A dangerous universe indeed, this biome has come from.

The Dark Castle

The headquarters of Hector and the Imburnnu. It is from here that they wage war against the nations of asia with their armies of monsters. To win the war in Asia, you must expel the Bishnell Empire- and storm the dark castle.

An intimidating fortress composed of nearly indestructible materials, with floor after floor of monster armies- it is a fitting place for the final battle in Asia. At the very top lies the Imburnnu and Hector. The battle will be legendary. Bring as many heroes as you can with you to fight them. 


The dragon nest is strewn with ruins. Although the dragon nest biome comes from another universe the ruins do not. They used to belong to an ancient civilization known as galeya. 3,000 years ago they were an unbelievably advanced civilization- rivaling even that of the Bishnell Empire. But in an instant they ceased to exist. Galeya was destroyed by a volcano eruption, tsunami, earthquake, tornado, and a meteor strike all at once, completely wiping them off the face of the earth. It was as if they were being punished for their evils. Even though Galeya was powerful and advanced, it`s people`s values and morals grew more and more twisted and corrupt- that by the time they were hit by those earth shaking disasters- the people living there no longer had basic human decency or any regard for human life.

The disasters were so intense that what remained of their cities were pushed miles below the surface of the world. They were only brought up again when dragon nest mountains from another universe, pushed up from beneath the earth- leaving them charred and blackened. 


Crystal Biome

 A crystalized mountain coming from a world beyond- the crystal biomes peaks rise so high they touch the clouds. The monsters here are dangerous, and will ensure you never get hold of the treasure they guard. The very power of the sun, do they possess- a treasure they will stop at nothing to keep.


Who knew ice and fire could coexist one place? Volcanic fields and frozen mountains dot the strange lands of the bipolar biome- whose only inhabitants are creatures who can withstand the extremes- and strange stone robots made by a long gone, ancient, civilization.

Slime Biome (Unfinished)

You see those strange trees? They are alive. Made up of trillions of microscopic creatures.

Dungeon Craft has a little over 300 mobs in total! Discover them by exploring your world.

Toxic Biome

The world where this came from was destroyed in a war that reduced the earth to a smouldering pile of radioactive ash- where the only living things that survived were mutated monsters. We hope our world will never share the same fate.

Wasteland City

A city reduced to radioactive rubble. Filled with a strange, intoxicating mist- and hordes of mutated monsters, it is a dangerous place to be in.

Mutated Jungle

Mutated trees grow all over the jungles of the toxic biome. Tread carefully, frightening monsters lurk in those woods.

Region II:


Europe is a new region and is in progress… so for now it still is lacking in content compared to Asia



Orlovy is a part of the Bishnell Empire. But unlike the rest of the states of Bishnell- they are free! Orlovy`s capital city is Durchenwald- which is home to the noble family of Durchenwald. 6,000 years ago Orlovy`s nobles fought and spilled their blood- fighting against the Galeyans. Fighting for freedom. They emerged victorious- driving the Galeyans out of Europe. Only 2 years after the cataclysm occurred that completely destroyed Galeyan civilization, finally ending Orlovy`s greatest enemy.

But now- more threats are rising. The Kingdom of Eternal Night- with it`s dark and corrupted monsters are threatening to overrun all of Europe, and their Bishnell overlords are growing more and more opressive- and Orlovy`s  knights and the Durchenwald family must stand once again to stop them.

Orlovy`s Countryside


The city of Durchenwald`s Main Road

The original President of Bishnell- Warlow von Durchenwald, who Von Oberon violently overthrew- is working with the Knights of Orlovy- to fight against the Bishnell Empire.


Liure is a grand nation. Known in the world of Dungeon Craft as the cultural and artistic capital of the world- the Liurians are a proud people. But trouble is brewing. As nothing much more than a vassal the leaders of Liure have no choice but to heed Bishnell`s every demand!

Some leaders, much more so than others. Notably- the house of Baudelaire- who is going as far to build huge amounts of factories- polluting the nation, and take advantage of thousands of poor to build weapons for Bishnell.

Indeed trouble is brewing. And demands for revolution are growing louder and louder. But worst of all- the people of Liure are placing blame on the wrong man. The King of Liure- Antoine Dufort.

Places of Note

Capital: Epimasse

The Chateau of Epimasse (The main residence of Antoine Dufort)

The City of Aurigny

Liure is known for it`s wondrous technology. Steam robots, industrial machines, and balloon airships can be found all around Liure.

A Liurian Robot




The Daurfrost is the remnants of the northern areas of the destroyed Galeyan Empire. 6,000 years ago a cataclysm befell this evil nation- and half their land lies a frozen wasteland- and the other half is now a molten mountain of magma- inhabited by dragons.

Northern Galeya was much better preserved the the Southeastern portion of the nation. The bitter cold and frosty winds have preserved the ruins of their once great civilization. The only moving things left in the peaks of Northern Galeya (Daurfrost) are their robots. Most notably their gigantic “Land Battleships”- or Galeyan Walkers.

Powered by mysterious energy, Galeyan technology has not been replicated to this day. The only way to do so is by stealing parts from Galeyan temples. But very few adventurers make it out alive from the Daurfrost.

The nation of Montagne does a lot of research into Galeya though. And they have an endless trove of scrolls and books detailing Galeyan history and civilization.

Galeyan “Bladehand” Robots in the snow

A Galeyan Temple! Raid it to get Bibulus Saxum




The Kingdom Of Eternal Night

AKA Nachtnebel

Before the Galeyan war- a little over 6,000 years ago- the Kingdom of Nachtnebel was once a flourishing Kingdom. It was ruled by a Queen named Adelheidis.

But when the evil Galeyan Empire began to mobilize their mighty civilization to conquer the world- Nachtnebel was defeated in a great battle in Europe! To the Queens despair and rage- her mightiest warriors could not stop the Galeyans from capturing her son. To this very day it is not known what happened to him.

Thick Darkness shrouds this fallen kingdom

This turned Queen Adelheidis insane. What was worse is, shortly before, the Realm Herald had died to Galeya- and distributed his power to the nobles of the world of Dungeon Craft to continue the fight. Queen Adelheidis was one of those who received a portion of his power. Her family would have the ability to control darkness.

Adelheidis will be a boss in the future

But in her rage- losing herself- Queen Adelheidis turned that power against her own people, leveling Nachtnebel`s castles and cities, turning her people into monsters- and plunging the kingdom into eternal darkness.

Today Nachtnebel, the Kingdom of Eternal Night, is one of the greatest threats to the peaceful nations of Europe. Nachtnebel`s crazed corrupted Knights go around Europe kidnapping children- in the vain hope they will find the prince. These children, are brought to the Castle of Nachtnebel, some of which have been there for already 5,000 years. It has been noted that the Castle completely stops the process of aging.

Large flying monsters inhabit the Kingdom known as Mortifers- in the language of Montagne this means “Death Bringer”

Corrupted Knights and smaller Mortifers also can be found in this ruined Kingdom

Queen Adelheidis and the Castle of Nachtnebel will be upcoming additions to the Kingdom of Eternal Night

Dungeon Craft has a little over 200 mobs in total! Discover them by exploring your world



Q: Why are the mobs invisible and their spawn eggs are black?

A: Most likely it is due to running other conflicting Add-Ons with Dungeon Craft. Not all Add-ons are compatible. Try putting only Dungeon Craft alone in a world without trying to enable other Add-Ons with it on the same world.


Q: Why aren`t the structures working?

A: You need to enable experimental gameplay for everything in Dungeon Craft to work. Especially the structures. 

 For tips and tricks visit my youtube page at


Select version for changelog:


Please report any issues you find on my discord page


Or on my youtube channel


Dungeon Craft 1.18 Edition


Fixed mobs and items freezing

Fixed corrupted block textures 

Improved performance and decreased lag

World Generation:

Added Achimgoyo Moon Forest (달의 숲) to world generation replacing flower forests

Improved appearance of the Ender Infection Biome

Reduced amount of mobs in Dark Castle.

Dungeon Craft 1.17 Edition


Less lag and better performance

World Generation:

Reduced amount of mobs in Dark Castle



Installation Instructions:

1. Select a version of Dungeon Craft

2. Download all the packs for the version you chose

3. Import them and apply to a new world!

turn on these before making the world- otherwise dungeon craft will not work!

1. Holiday creator features

2. Creation of custom biomes

3. Additional Modding Capabilities

if you are on 1.17/1.16 DO NOT turn on caves and cliffs

MAKE SURE you delete the old version of dungeon craft- if you have it installed before downloading the new one!

Info about the 1.18 version

Dungeon Craft now has an optional version that has biomes working in 1.18! Mojang announced that custom biomes will no longer work in 1.18- so I went around this by making a pack that replaces pre-existing biomes with Dungeon Craft biomes. Bear in mind though- the biomes in Dungeon Craft 1.18 edition are not as pretty as the in the original. (Due to limitations). And the nation`s cities all spawn in the plains biome instead of their own themed biome.  

But it is good enough. And most of the major locations and lore is still in the 1.18 edition of Dungeon Craft.

The version of 1.16/1.17 is still the best- and if you decide to downgrade that one is available for download here on this page, still!




Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

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4.51 / 5 (115 votes)
I love the addon but the only issue that i have is that the drops from the enemies and the blocks that i destroyed or the items that i dropped cannot be picked up it just floats arround, i also noticed that you cant combine the chest together it just placed the other chest instead of becoming a big chest, overall the addons is so good i hope it get fixed soon.
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ohh it got updated never mind GOOD WORK DIRT-chan
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It's a great addon but no matter what I do 😂 I still can't get it to generate correctly might aswell downgrade or download it on a separate phone
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This is byfar the best addon i have seen in mcpe but i thought it was a issue from my side but apparently its not so can you pls fix.when breaking any crops of the modapck like grapes etc they just keep floating and we cant even pick it up and if you hit some mobs they will not move and we cant hit them again I request you to fix this as soon as possible cus i am unable to enjoy this modpack...without this fixes pls reply to me and fix this fast plss
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Don`t worry. I am gonna fix it as fast as possible. Actually I already have. I found out it was an issue with the biome pack of dungeon craft. I re-coded every single block in the pack and all the freezing stopped. I haven`t released it yet though since I am still having my crooks test it. if you want to test it- pls test it here!

Just replace your old biome pack (behavior and resource) with this. (delete the old biome pack and import this.) After this create a new world with it and the rest of the dungeon craft packs. Please report any issues you find on my youtube
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oops mcpedl does not allow links in the comment section. Heh. Anyway! you can go to my youtube channel. You will find the link for the test pack in the community section. I`ll also link it down in the comments of the video "how to get energy armor'
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Just msg me on discord bro my discord is
🌕Mewtwo🌙kritish #9044
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This is SO AMAZING you are awesome ive never seen a bedrock addon this large before you should try and do an RLCRAFT addon that would be awesome
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How do you have so much patience in making addons like these? Do you even get enough returns for your extreme hard work?
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haha no I don`t get any returns at all for now hahaha
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the addon is good, but there are a few complaints, namely 1.freeze 2. If you destroy an item, the item will float and cannot be retrieved 3.Some of the texture blocks are broken, such as cabbage, grapevines, etc maybe it can be fixed in the next update. BTW i play in 1.18
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I tested it. I found out the plants (cabbage, grapes, corn, etc.) are causing freezing and items floating issue. I will fix it in a small update soon. (hehe i have to rewrite the code of the blocks)
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the addon is good, but there are a few complaints, namely 1.freeze 2. If you destroy an item, the item will float and cannot be retrieved 3.Some of the texture blocks are broken, such as cabbage, grapevines, etc maybe it can be fixed in the next update
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I have a question regarding the download. I am attempting to download the 1.18 version but cannot get it to apply, it says unknown pack ID. I downloaded them separately but i have this issue with all of them. Wondering if i did something wrong. Thanks i am eager to try your work :D.
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Hmm it might just be that the download is incomplete.... but I guy also made a tutorial on how to fix it if it still keeps happening
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The addon is super good! but some mobs are freeze and unkillable, and too some blocks are floating and cant be picked up. Think this will be solucionated in a future, but for about the addon is nice.
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yes. hahaha. I am trying to find a way to fix the freezing. I noticed that bug only came up in 1.18.
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Its okay, take ur time ;), you are doing a good job, dont push yourself too hard!
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It looks cool but it also looks like a resource hog that will make it impossible to run any other mods alongside it. I had the same issue with a Savannah overhaul mod, which was great, but added so much stuff that it killed framerate and eventually crashed the program.
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Well I was able to run zalcyans quest with it. That was a kinda big mod.
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Hola soy yo de nuevo xd, podrías arreglar el bug de que las entidades se paralizan de la nada, ya que ni con /kill mueren y es un poco molesto
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Great mod, but the mobs and projectiles will freeze when in proximity of the plants, fruits and even vines.
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Un addon increíble pero, arreglen los errores que contiene
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Amazing but it contains so many bugs like 1. entities freezes or stop moving
2. If I break any item many times the item flying in air and cannot pick it up, please fix these
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Minecraft has added back custom biomes to the world settings creator!
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