Published on February 08, 2024 (Updated on February 11, 2024)

Dungeons Content Add-on

Have you even wanted to play Minecraft Dungeons from a new perspective? Feel the boss fights and the dungeon exploration through the eyes of your own avatar? Well, it's your lucky day, since I present you, the Dungeons Content Add-on. This Minecraft Dungeons Add-on for Minecraft Bedrock Edition aims to recreate all the content from Minecraft Dungeons in the most accurate way possible for you own personal enjoyment, adding enemies, bosses, weapons, blocks and more from the original game.

This addon took me 3 years to make, and im so proud of it!

after 3 years, im finnally ready to officially upload the addon


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-all weapons' sounds are now audible to all players nearby

-updated burst gale bow texture, now uses mcd one
-bow texture now matches mcd
-renamed wolf armor's item texture and icon code, to dont glitch the vanilla Wolf armor
-renamed all Spawn eggs to "<mob name> Spawn Egg" instead of "Spawn <<mob name>" to match vanilla (the last released mcb beta)

-ranged sunken skeletons no longer have Loading sound effect, it doesnt play in the original game

-sunken skeleton's harpoons now have impact sound
-updated necromancer's novelty animation to match more the original game

-sunken skeletons now have unique novelty spin sound
-updated skeleton head novelty spin animation to match mcd
-updated void fire texture
-armored zombies now play mcd zombie death sound instead of vanilla
-husk mcd no longer has zombie attack sound
-sunken skeletons no longer spawn in rivers, but in warm ocean biomes instead

-when activating quivers, a message will appear in the action bar
-updated the ID of the ancient buttons and hidden depths blocks
-golden keys (the ones that you can wear on the back) can now open golden gates

-buffed Treetop Whisperer HP from 650 to 800

-updated stone and diamond sword textures
-the Lantern (Dungeons) no longer takes damage by mobs (only players can kill them)
-@Dummy #24 's Damage potion (from the witch) now rotates to the player
-updated the mcd addon's resource pack entity/attachable files in different separated folders to make more easy for people to delete the mobs they dont want
-updated ID of ALL mobs and items that didn't had "mcd" as prefix
-updated Redstone Monstrosity/golem/cube eyes texture to match mcd
-updated Creepy crypt spawn rate

-updated Creeper/Enderman head spawn rates

-updated arch illager throne animations
-Mob spawner now summons armored zombies too

-arch illager from ambushes now has glowing dress
-updated arch illager ambush animation
-updated Arch illager "confused" animation, fixed his arms doing weird rotation
-updated imperfect heart of ender model, now matches mcd
-Nameless one's projectiles now have a "sparkle" particle made by @ackeleven7


-Added Music Bundle pack in the links section
-The player now has an attack animation when attacks with the Great Hammer in his hands (Testing, not finished)
-arrow's impact sound now matches mcd
-the player now has the bow charge animation when holds all mcd bows
-windcaller and ghast mcd now have "step" sound playing

-added music behavior to Tempest Golem (only people with Music Bundle pack can hear it)
-Drowned Necromancer now has unique attack/shot animations
-when Music bundle pack is on, the skeleton horseman spawned by "mcd:arena ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ horseman" will now play their unique music track, when all skeleton horsemen are defeated.. the music will stop
-the player now has unique pose animation based on the weapon he equipped
-players when they spawn in a world for the first time, they will get a Steel Sword, 1 bow and 30 arrows
-added Sword (mcd:steel_sword)
-added Anti Steal function to the addon (basically when you join the world, it would say that the addon is by me)
-added new desert temple related blocks

-fixed Sheer daggers and Moon daggers critical damage function
-fixed chicken jockey tower not summoning 5 baby zombies upon death
-fixed highland berries texture
-fixed winterberries texture
-fixed tropical berries texture
-fixed golden piglin armor being invisible

-fixed villager (Old) being invisible
-fixed Void flames texture speed to match the new texture change
-fixed storm lander not having Lightning strikes when attacking
-fixed muddy dirt texture
-fixed invisible items
-fixed fortune spear 1st person view
-fixed hammsers 1st person view
-fixed enchanted grass not summoning sheeps
-fixed fungus thrower's projectiles not having smoke particles when explode

-fixed illusioner's arrow not having firework bang explosion particle

-fixed artifacts not summoning/shooting entities, due to ID changes
-fixed Drowned Necromancer not summoning drowneds
-fixed blue red and green enchanted sheeps attacking the player when the player hits them
-fixed tempest button not awaking the tempest golem

-fixed squall golems not awaking from active resonance crystal

-fixed ancient buttons not summoning ancient bosses
-fixed snowy dirt block texture
-fixed wither skeleton mcd not having step sound
-fixed pillager (Prototype) arms texture
-fixed Golden sword and Golden axe textures, now use mcd texture

-fixed skeleton vanguards not attacking, when awaken by Nameless one, when they were in sleeping form
-fixed firework bang
-fixed illagers summoned by the Corrupted cauldron, not attacking the player
-fixed nether plants, these plants can now only be placed on grass/dirt/mycelium/podzol/crimson nylium/warped nylium and coarse dirt

-Cauldron slimes no longer drop slime balls upon death
-deleted duplicate bow textures
-removed player's stun animation, it wasnt stopping

-removed Void fire (variant)
-removed golden key (the one that can open golden gates and could not be worn)
-illagers should no longer drop emerald blocks
-removed many unused/useless files
-removed drowned necromancer's death animation
-removed Jailor Scythe "fangs" attack, now summons chains like Flail
-removed unused cherry blossom (Sakura) boats entity from the addon


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Pinned comment
If you want to follow the development of this Add-on, and get Beta versions of future updates, you can join my discord server!
Bro do all structures spawn in the world?
It won't let me download the modpack
hey man, any chance this addon will become realm compatible?
are there structures? on the page, it says there are no structures?
Is this addon compatible with other addons?
it should, try avoiding addons with player.json, or it will break some content
We tried to add it to the realm server where I play with my friends, but it doesn't, can't you make a separate addon with only weapons and armor?
no, i cant make separate packs, just delete the stuff u dont want, from the addon's files
Hello, hey, could you make the desert dungeons not appear so often, most of the time I find up to four dungeons colliding or some very close to each other
update 1.20.60 fix crash and more boss
i already added all mcd bosses.
if you play on mobile phones, you might crash, i cant fix that
Hola, el addon me atrae demasiado y lo descargué pero cuando cree un mundo ninguna textura cargaba :(
he is saying that any texture fix in his world
There are a few big bugs. Such as the bullets of the blastings and necromancers (haunted caller). They can make you shake forever. Also, the Heart of Ender is broken, I think. It's behaving very weird.

And finally, I think you should remove the prototype mobs, as well as other unnecessary features, to make everything cleaner.
no, prototype version of the mobs are nice to have, and the "gravity" function of the projectile will be fixed soon
can you make it where they are no crashes at all or make a low device version
i cant make the addon for low devices
wow super genial
This is the best Minecraft Dungeons addon they have brought to the page, but I wanted to ask, aren't you thinking about maybe making separate versions with some things? For example, only mobs, only artifactcs, only gears, it would be really cool man
that takes a lot of time to do.. im not planning to do that, you can do it your self instead, im making the addon's files more easy to edit, so you can delete the content you dont want
1000/10, best dungeon addon in Minecraft bedrock. 5 stars