MCBE Plus [Fina Update Before Release]

MCBE Plus brings new blocks, food, weapons and mobs into the game

Currently in Beta so some bugs may occur, if so kindly comment down the bug and how it happened so I can fix it.

Here are some of the features:

First off the mobs:


Found in Deserts

There are 2 types of Mummies: Red and Green. Red Mummies deal 5 dmg while Green Mummies deal only 3 but inflict you with poison.


Can be spotted flying around

Butterflies just fly around but they make your world look more beautiful.

Swamp Monster

Can be spotted in swamps

Will inflict you with slowness when you get hit.  (Skin inspired by the Wild Zombie from the FuinhaFun addon)


Can be seen above and below ground

Tortoises have evolved, they come in 2 variants: Stone and Dark Stone. They can be bred with coal which is their main diet.

Once bred theylay their egg just like turtles.

Once the egg hatches a baby Rockback is born : )


Found in Warm Oceans

They drop nautilus shells and ink sacs once killed.

Land Walker (W.I.P)

Doesnt spawn naturally (Can only be summoned by command: /summon isno:land_walker)

AI and textures are currently being worked on.

Zombie Brute

Low chance of spawning

Bigger, better and stronger than your average Zombie

And for the blocks:

Copper Ore

Copper ore can be found underground

You can smelt it to make Copper Ingots which is used to make copper tools but we’ll talk about that later.

You can also craft a Block of Copper.

Dark Stone

Dark stone can mostly be found underground

Mining it drops Dark Cobblestone and can craft stone equipment. (More recipes coming soon!)

Mossy Stone

Mossy stone can be found underground in jungle biomes

Mining it drops Mossy Cobblestone and… Yeah that’s all there is to it.

Amethyst & Sapphire Ore

These ores are just as rare as the emeralds

Amethyst and Sapphire is used to trade with Villagers and Wandering Traders.

You can only trade with teir 3 and above.

You can also craft their desired blocks.

Dragonite Ore (No it’s not a pokèmon)

Extremely rare!

Smelt them to make Dragonite Ingots. (No current use) But smelting the Dragonite ingots makes Molten Ingots which is used to make molten tools.

Now For the Weapons:


Hammers deal more damage than Swords but in exchange they have a slightly lower durability (-10%)

Down below are the recipes on how to craft Hammers

Hope you guys find these balanced.

Copper Weapons

Copper Weapons deal the same as Iron Weapons but has lesser durability

(Recipe is similar to the other weapons)

Hope you find these balanced as well.

Molten Weapons

Deals more damage and has more durability than netherite

(You need to use Obsidian Rods instead of sticks so you can craft them)

I’m planning on adding a flame effect.

Last but not least the food:

Before you can craft Sweets you must need Caramelized Sugar which is made by smelting Sugar

Sweet Candy

Low nutrition

Will give you Speed and Haste effects for 1 minute. (kinda like getting a sugar rush)

Candy Apple

Same nutrition as the Apple

Will give the same effects as the sweet candy but for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Golden Candy Apple

Same nutrition as the Golden Apple

Will give the same effects as the Golden Apple but with Speed and Haste.

Enchanted Candy Apple

Same nutrition as the Enchanted Apple

Same effects as the Enchanted Apple but with speed and haste. Can be found in the same places as the Enchanted apple E.G: Dungeons, Mineshafts, Desert Temples, Ruined Portals and Woodland Mansions

This is not the final version! Expect some changes in future updates.

Changelog View more


  • Enchanted Candy Apples can now be found naturally
  • Increased Butterfly, Mummy and Swamp Monster spawnrate
  • Rockbacks now lay eggs
  • Added Block of Copper, Amethyst and Sapphire
  • Added Enchanted Candy Apple
  • Fixed trading issue with villagers
  • Changed .mcpack to .mcaddon for easier installation

Fixed bug wherein weapons don't deal dmg

Swamp Monsters no longer shoot tridents and fixed blindness effect

Slightly lowered rockback spawnrate

I Finally updated this addon after 5 months of inactivity.

1. Fixed weird lighting with the ores

2. Fixed weird friction with the ores

1. Added new ores: Amethyst, Sapphire, Dragonite

2. Added caramelized sugar and sweet candy

3. Fixed Molten axe's texture not appearing

4. Slightly lightened the Obsidian rod's texture

1. Fixed the Molten axe not having it's texture

2. Obsidian rod's texture slightly lightened


Make sure you enable Experimental Mode before creating a world

Make sure the Behaviour/Resource is the plaxed at the top before creating a world


Supported Minecraft versions


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92 Responses

3.79 / 5 (24 votes)
  1. Fake IsnO says:

    Hey guys! Just wanna say that the full release of this addon will be in a few days :>

  2. Zenkai_zen says:

    1.Hyenas I feel like hyenas will look really good with your style of modeling(tameable with a new item, spoiled meat)
    2.tameable rock backs item spoiled meat
    4.Maybe a discord?

  3. Love it it’s just amazing but may I make a suggestion? I think adding alligators would make the swamps a new challenge and it would make so you should avoid the waters

    • Fake IsnO says:

      There are many terrestrial addons out there that add alligators and I dont think adding alligators would make my add-on any interesting but I could add a new mob that acts like an alligator just with a different model and name : )

  4. Moomoo_yay says:

    It really seems like a good add-on but when I try to import it into minecraft, it fails and doesn’t say why. Please fix I really want to use this

  5. SparkNorris says:

    I really like the ideas of this pack and seeing where it goes. However, some things I noticed were that none of your items were available in the creative menu, and I couldn’t get copper to work in the crafting table. This might apply the other things, but I hadn’t found them yet. Additionally, your recipes weren’t appearing in the recipe book, and I couldn’t find villagers willing the trade gems other than emeralds.

    As a suggestion; could Rockback’s have more utility or drops? I saw a lot and they’re really cool, but they don’t do much other than walk around

    • Fake IsnO says:

      Sadly after the 1.16 update there is a bug where blocks and items wont appear in the creative menu but spawn eggs can still be accessed though. And the crafting recipes I have fixed so this page should be updated soon.

      Yeah I’m currently working on the butterflies and the rockback’s loot tables

  6. Mogotrevon says:

    Great add-on! I have been playing with it for a while and noticed a couple of things. (And if you’re curious, I did turn on experimental gameplay.)
    1. Hammers do the same amount of damage as fists.
    2. Like many other people on this list, I do feel the balancing is a bit off, but obviously you’re gonna fix it.
    3. Most of the stuff (Not all of it.) will on occasion not work in my worlds. (I made 5 worlds and 2 of them didn’t work, but it’s still an even amount.)
    I’m very anticipated about your new update and hope the new items, or mobs or whatever it may be.
    5 stars if the bugs were fixed but, for now it’s gonna be there until the new update comes out.
    (I’m gonna love the dragons, very excited!)

  7. Jack0zombie8 says:

    This is the best addon good job.😀

  8. Reg1981 says:

    ill be honest i like the pack with its ideas but alot of things dont work (yes i turned on experimental mode and i only added the main one pack) but the hammers dont work sorry dudes

  9. Mario Craft says:

    the worst addon in the world can not be crafted no new mob appears no new block appears!

  10. Fake IsnO says:

    Hey guys! Very sorry for being inactive, but now I’m back with a new update

  11. creeper4474134 says:

    i put on experimental game play and it will but every time i try to craft something from the mod it does not work mad😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  12. Guest-7916790091 says:

    Please change smelting netheright I was happy because they finally added in a new ore to the game but with this addon it doesn’t have any sense if you have to smelter it to get a more powerful ore
    It doesn’t mean that you had a bad addon I love it but… you know what I mean … smelting a powerful ore to get a more powerful ore is a bad idea

  13. Guest-8387650182 says:

    not working at all, only blocks added. and when you try to break them with pickaxe, it takes the same lenght to break with pick and to break with hand. also those blocks doesnt drop anything.

  14. Guest-6649465547 says:

    Tu addon es muy bueno dique asi, es impresionante seguro le estás poniendo mucho esfuerzo, y podrías agregar en alguna actualización, un jefe dragón en el bioma que estás haciendo porfa eso sería super genial y se te agradecería un montón. Pd:amo tu trabajo dique asi este addon tiene potencial

  15. Guest-8022268392 says:

    it will not work 🙁

  16. ClxtchTV says:

    Hey, can u add a tool the can break blocks by 3×3?

  17. Guest-3323147879 says:

    Suggestion: There’s a great creator called ‘Dakon’ (I think), he made an addon that literally adds new armor into the game. I’ve also seen others use his method, so maybe you could too? You can make armor for your new ingot, giving it much more meaning to use the ingot.

  18. Guest-5401579412 says:

    can you make this for 1.14 by make its if you can’t get the beta you can smelt iron ingots

  19. Guest-1262298722 says:

    Ay! this mod is awesome and the tools have durability and actually can kill a zombie in 3 hits! fake swords take about 20 hits to kill a zombie, but this mod is so good! But the problem is, how do you mine the ore without it not dropping?

  20. Guest-3028237577 says:

    Dodaj że można zaklnąć te narzędzia.

  21. Guest-4388904068 says:

    Could there be a ritual added? Like a permanent effect added to the player by making a structure. I think thIs could work By making a empowerer (really just a spawn egg) then when you spawn it on the middle block it checks all the blocks nearby to find which ritual is build or if it is wrongly built. If it was wrongly build then the player summons a bad effect say poison or a explosion. After that it does a animation, and kills the empower entity. But just before the empower dies it summons a entity/continual particle effect that would signify the specific ritual that was done and the it succeeded. Say for example after making the fire ritual the player gets fire resistance forever and the ritual makes flame effects. Just an idea. This is a awesome addon oh and one much smaller thing I’ve seen in a java edition mod the torch launcher could you make something similar it would be very nice to just throw torches wherever they need to go.

  22. Bubbles06 says:

    Very good add-on… But do I have to be in the beta to play this add-on with netherite?
    Also can you make a discord if you don’t already have one for your add-on so people can give you suggestions and telling us what you’ve completed for the next update?

  23. Guest-8317185291 says:

    Inspired by terraria, some textures copied

  24. Guest-3430996788 says:

    As someone who enjoys large addons pack, fix the molten tools, granted getting netherite is difficult but nowadays, we aren’t amateurs. The rarity of netherite doesn’t compare to the overpowered potential of the molten tools. And with molten tools, what’s the point of making netherite gear? You literally just use a piece of coal on a blast furnace and boom- instamine. Instead, just add like 2 or 3 more armor points and find a different method of crafting, otherwise, just replace the netherite tools overall and just change the crafting recipe to molten ingots :// just my opinion, your concepts of stuff is really great though

    • Is_nO says:

      Well since this addon is just in the beta. The molten tools will have their own crafting table so that once you have the molten ingots and obsidian rods, the last thing you need is a modified crafting table. I didn’t want to spoil this but there will be an event added called the “alien invasion” once you’ve slain all aliens space debris will fall from the sky then you just need 1 crafting table and 1 space debris to craft the molten tools. Expect those stuff to arrive in future updates

  25. Guest-9342294446 says:

    I know you said this might change in future updates, but i personally hate the molten tools. Destroying everything i touch is incredibly annoying and more of a disadvantage than anything else. i just feel like if netherite is required to make a molten pickaxe, i would much rather just make a netherite one instead. also, unrelated, but is it possible to actually add items to the in game menu for creative. it would be much easier than having to type a command in order to get the items in creative.

    • Is_nO says:

      I understand that molten tools may be a little overpowerd and hard to obtain, but the destroy any block it touch was meant for more powerful tools which I am currently developing. Plus it has to be netherite to make molten ingots because molten tools are have more attack damage and durability than netherite tools. And I am currently trying to find a way to add them into the creative inventory so expect some changes in a couple weeks

  26. Guest-1412603563 says:

    I have a suggestion, can you make more tools than a hammer Like (Daggers, greatswords, longsword .etc) that will make this addon more fun ^_^

  27. Guest-1412603563 says:

    I have a suggestion, can you make more tools than a hammer Like (Daggers, greatswords, longsword .etc) that will make this addon more fun to play in minecraft bedrock edition ^_^

  28. Guest-3903765275 says:

    Hey hwo do you get the netherite ingot

    • Is_nO says:

      You have to get some ancient debris from the nether, then you have to smelt it to get netherite scrap, then you can craft a netherite ingot with 4 netherite scraps and 4 gold ingots

  29. Guest-5948007322 says:

    Yo very nice

  30. Guest-4796367132 says:

    muy buen addon sigue asi

  31. Guest-7212920241 says:

    nice try you just stolen my idea
    my idea was made in april 7
    the mallets/hammers
    and more swords
    which was used to denied
    your impersonating my old add-on that got denied few weeks ago

  32. Guest-4561675750 says:

    Btw I have not tried but 5 stars already you can tell you put a lot of work In it keep up the good work 🙂

  33. Guest-3661044428 says:

    Can I leave a suggestion if so can u make it so that there is a dragon staff that shoots fire and when you sneak everything nearby sets on fire but that would take durability
    Also Safire and amythest can be made into gems with powers eg spike attacks snaring enemy’s with vines and so on

  34. Guest-9264966276 says:

    Wow by when the next update

  35. Guest-1493881637 says:

    wow by when the next update

  36. FreeMaker says:

    IT good but you could of made ur own textures then the other creators. but you used some textures from 20ores mod

  37. Guest-2095650502 says:

    This has good potential but the hammer only does the same damage as a the fist, and I used the iron hammer

  38. Guest-4694324665 says:

    I have a idea for dragonite since this addon is for 1.16 you can add structures. So mabye Fargo nite only spawns in rare dragon biomes. Dragons only spawn in dragon biomes. And mabye a special kind of villager (half dragon?) will live in special villages there. These villagers could trade for the instimine items and would be the only way of getting dragon saddles. mabye a dragon drops a dragon bone and a dragon heart. The heart could be crafted with 8 dragonite ingots to make 1 enriched dragonite a more powerful ingot. And the bones could be made into a thing (block, watering can, item) that speeds up crop growth. And last but not least the dragon could be resureted in a ritual using it blocks of enriched dragonite, dragonite, dragon bones, and a heart. This dracolich would be the final and most powerful boss

    A easyier way to do this would be to make incredibly rare ores rarer then diamonds that can be used to bring back a dragon from the dead. (Mabye one ore is only in the neather and another is in the end)

    Sorry just giving ideas this is probably a bit much but this is a possible backstory and use for dragonite.

  39. Guest-5738505742 says:

    how do you get netherrite ingot

  40. Guest-9425203429 says:

    wtf dragonite is a pokemon

  41. Guest-4792614000 says:

    This looks amazing! Don’t be afraid to change it, its your addon. Will netherite hammers becoming via the smithing table?

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