Published on November 28, 2023 (Updated on February 07, 2024)

Edds' Easy Harvest (1.20.50 - 1.20.60)

Edds' Easy Harvest makes harvesting crops in minecraft easier. Instead of breaking a crop, and placing it with seeds, Edds' Easy Harvest does all that in one click! Just simply right click a fully grown crop with any type of hoe while having the required crop in your inventory to plant it.

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updated this script to the latest minecraft version 1.20.60 .


Supported Minecraft versions

so I just added this and it's not working beta API is on does this work on realms?
i just try export to Minecraft are working buat when i check on in Minecraft theres nothing idk why
Could you make it so that you don't use the durability of the item please. Or at least make it an option.