Published on January 25, 2024 (Updated on January 25, 2024)

Edds' Health Display (No Experimental Options, Stable, Compatible with any Mob)

Have you ever wanted to see the health of mobs that you were fighting? Edds' Health Display allows you to do just that! No resource pack, just scripts! Stable scripts too, so this pack won't break with future updates.

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Sir/Miss creator, I want to ask if it's normal that the Health Display immediately disappears in a split second after hitting an enemy? Or is it not supposed to do that? Like, it will stay on the screen and show up and will only disappear when I kill the mob or if I run away too far from it? Please, I need your thoughts on this... Because this is the kind of add-on I've been looking for years now... You're my only hope T_T
The actionbar updates every 1-2 seconds. So yeah that'll happen.
Does it work with other entities from addons
Yes, it says 'Compatible with any mob' In the title.
update 1.20.60?
It still work it's stable script no need for him to update it each new mcbe update