Published on November 13, 2023 (Updated on November 12, 2023)

Edds' More Crafting Tables

Edds' More Crafting Tables adds a crafting table variant for every type of plank in the game.Each crafting table is crafted from their respective plank type, and all of them function like a regular crafting table.

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i legit just got the plank textures from bedrock samples and added the crafting table stuff over it. Made the other files from scratch, including the Crafting Table block geometry, crafting table block behaviours, and recipe files. Didn't know that someone made one of these for bedrock before posting it. If it doesn't get accepted this time, i understand.


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good mod but I would like to see this mod for other things, namely tool sticks and chests
Amazing! Keep up this great mod (Please add more blocks soon)
idk what blocks i would add, considering there's a crafting table for every plank type.