Published on October 05, 2020 (Updated on January 07, 2022)

Emerald Exchange

Do you wish that Minecraft had a real currency? Well, then this Add-on is for you! Emerald Exchange adds 6 new coins to work as a currency to make trades fairer. Each Villager trade has been changed so that they trade Coins instead of Emeralds! Collect coins either by crafting them, killing monsters, or collecting items for villagers!

This add-on adds:
- 6 main types of coins
    -Copper Coins

    -Iron Coins

    -Gold Coins

    -Emerald Coins

    -Diamond Coins

    -Netherite Coins


Each coin is crafted using its respective resource, and 3 pieces of paper in a shapeless recipe. Once ingots have been crafted into coins, there is no going back. They will remain coins forever unless destroyed.

And they can be upgraded or downgraded to the other coin types. For example, 9 Iron Coins to 1 Gold Coin, or 1 Gold Coin back into 9 Iron Coins.

Coins can also stack onto each other to help prevent inventory clutter! Simply put 4 of any coin into the crafting table to make a stack, or use 4 stacks to make a pouch!

Each coin type is worth 9 of the previous type of coin, meaning each coin is worth exponentially more than the last. For example, the Netherite Coin is worth 9⁶ Copper Coins. That's  534,441 total Copper Coins!

Mob Coins have been added as well! Most Monsters now have a collectible coin that they can drop! However, these coins are very rare.


Each collectible coin also has an exchange rate, if collecting isn't your thing.

The image below shows everything new added in the update to 1.18.

For those of you who don't like being able to craft the coins, a second version of this addon has been made which removes the ability to craft coins and collect mob coins.

Select version for changelog:


-Fixed some commands not working.

-Made the coin pouch work on the version without mob coins.

-Removed some loot tables that weren't needed in the version without mob coins.


-Download the Add-on

-Open and run the file.

-And Minecraft will do the rest! Enjoy!

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4.69 / 5 (13 votes)
Can i use this addon on my map? I will credit you and have a link to this page.
I really like this mod and would like to use it but it says theres issues with the behavior pack and its not updated or something the resource pack is fine its just the behavior
Can I use your addon for a modpack
Currently 6 addon makers have gave permission to me
Sure :) my only requirement is that you send a link when youre done.
I love the collectable coins, the only thing vanilla really has to collect is music disks. I would like to see more coins for the unique mobs, I understand not doing every illager but it doesn't make much sense given that you other mob variants like husk zombies or strays yet there is no ravager, witch, or vex coin? I recommend adding the
and the Warden (in the future)
I'm tempted to add them myself, If I choose to I will come back and tell you.
I Just love it,currency in mc is just what we need(amongs other needs)also,think you could add ,like,uhhh,cash money?green papery stuff everyone seems to love nowadays,it can be a rare drop from witheres,elder gaurdians etc.and valuable asf,great mod
Please add copper between iron and gold and add amethyst between emerald and netherite. This addon is so great!! I use it in all my worlds. I still doesn't work on my realm.
Amethyst should be between iron and gold, and copper should be last, that's their rarities.
Very nicely designed mod, good work on the direct MediaFire link!
A very good addon, ive been waiting for a decent mod that can change inggots to coins, then i found this, lots of praises.
But is it realm friendly?
Not realm friendly, the copper, iron, and gold coin stacks suddenly turn into placeable blocks when loaded on a realm, which is odd because the other stacks work fine. I also attempted to open the pack on my dedicated server and that resulted in the same bug.
That is very weird. I did experiment with making them placeable, but I removed the component that would be needed in order to make them placeable. I have no clue why it does that, or how it's possible. I will attempt to fix this. In the meantime, you can try opening the addon (I do this by making a winrar zip archive and dropping the addon in there) and try removing the blocks folder. I can't guarantee it will work, but I also don't know what the issue is in the first place.
I removed the block files and all references to them and that mostly solved the problem. Also, you might want to look into the husk mob and its loot table, the husk coin does not drop and I don't think that's an error because it is not mentioned in any of the files.
The husk coin was an error. I went through one at a time and changed all loot tables as I grabbed them, but the husk doesn't have its own loot table and I didn't notice. The bug with the coin stacks was also fixed, and I made a server to test it on. Thanks for telling me about it :)
Maybe you should add a little use for this coins, like for trading with wandering traders or some villagers, but not too op. And maybe add a different download so that those who don't want this can still use this addon :)
Interesting... Okay I'll download it!
Is it realm supported?
For some reason the coins aren't working for me
Nevermind, i didnt turn on experimental gameplay
can you use any coin for one single trade?
The most common coin to use for trading with villagers is the gold coin. However, when playing with other players, trading with higher value coins may be necessary.
can I use this for a multiplayer server. (I'll mention you made this addon)
Absolutely! Anyone is free to use my addons however they wish!
Can I just say this is an amazing concept and it is one of the few things that works for me thank you