1.16+ Emerald Armor and Tools Addon! (v2)

Requested by almost everyone, here it is! Emerald armor, tools, and a dagger that does not give you speed! (I have seen way too many of those 😅) Enjoy the addon!

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Equipment stats:

Emerald Helmet: 3 bars of protection, 272 durability

In comparison, Diamond Helmet has: 3 bars of protection, 363 durability

Emerald Chestplate: 7 bars of protection, 386 durability

Diamond Chestplate: 8 bars of protection, 528 durability

Emerald Leggings: 6 bars of protection, 371 durability

Diamond Leggings: 6 bars of protection, 485 durability

Emerald Boots: 3 bars of protection, 322 durability

Diamond Boots: 3 bars of protection, 428 durability


Emerald Sword: 7 damage, 836 durability, 15 speed

Diamond Sword: 7 damage, 1561 durability, 15 speed


Emerald Pickaxe: 5 damage, 836 durability, 7 speed

Diamond Pickaxe: 5 damage, 1561 durability, 8 speed


Emerald Axe: 6 damage, 836 durability, 7 speed

Diamond Axe: 6 damage, 1561 durability, 8 speed


Emerald Shovel: 4 damage, 836 durability, 7 speed

Diamond Shovel: 4 damage, 1561 durability, 8 speed


Emerald Hoe: 5 damage, 836 durability, 7 speed

Diamond Hoe: 5 damage, 1561 durability, 8 speed


Emerald Dagger: 468 durability, 12 speed (breaks cobweb and bamboo)
(Can deal a maximum of 12 dmg!)


 Normal hit (Left Click):

4 base damage + 4 magic damage over 10 seconds


Shank / critical hit (Flick Left Click): 

4 base damage + 8 magic damage over 10 seconds


It has the same range and attack speed as a sword



3D Models:

Emerald                           Emerald                            Emerald 

Emerald                           Emerald                            Emerald 



Emerald Helmet

Emerald Chestplate

Emerald Leggings

Emerald Boots

Emerald Sword

Emerald Pickaxe

Emerald Axe

Emerald Shovel

Emerald Hoe

Emerald Dagger


Where to find the emerald items:




You can check out this YT video for extra info on v2!


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If you make a video on this addon, make sure to include a link to THIS MCPEDL PAGE and that only!

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Select version for changelog:

  1. Added loot tables for mobs and chests:
    • Zombie Villagers now spawn with emerald armor and swords
    • Skeletons, strays, zombies, and husks have a much lower chance of spawning with emerald
    • Abandoned Mineshaft chests can give emerald pickaxes, armor, and emeralds
    • Stronghold chests can also give emerald swords, pickaxes, armor, and emeralds
    • Igloo chests can contain emerald swords and daggers
    • VIllage chests can contain emerald armor, tools, and weapons
  2. Mobs with an Emerald Dagger will now give fatal poison
  3. Pickaxes can break:
    • Smooth basalt
    • Packed ice
    • Blue ice
    • Mossy stone bricks
    • Red nether bricks
    • Red nether bricks stairs
    • Stone stairs
    • A ton of double slabs
  4. Axes can now break Stripped Nether Wood and certain Workbenches
  5. Shovels can now break Podzol and Mycelium
  6. Hoes can now break Azalea and Flowered Azalea Leaves
  7. Modified MCPEDL page


Turn on Holiday Creator Features and make sure you apply both the Behavior and Resource packs!

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4.71 / 5 (7 votes)
can u remake for 1.14
It would be really hard to make equipment in 1.14 because it lacks vital components. It would take a long time to make 😔
Can you do Ruby Bronze Sapphire Jade?
I probably won't be doing any of those anytime soon because I am not planning to add new ores 👍
Can you add Halberds that completely destroys armor?
Actually I have already added maces that destroy armor, so maybe halberds should do something else! 👍
Hello, I eat cactus :D September 01, 2021 at 9:33 pm
Are you planing to make an all in one mod?
Hello, I eat cactus :D September 01, 2021 at 9:35 pm
I also have 4 stacks of emerald
Yes I am! (probably not anytime soon, I'm focusing on a big copper update right now

Yeah emeralds are a bit too easy to get lol
Forgot to rate, pretty good add on. :D
Wow, this is a great and original spin on a very OG subject for modders. I love this. Keep making these great mods for the game and thank you for making an emerald item mod that isnt retextured diamond. Hey, think maybe a lapis mod that adds lapiz items that have a better enchantability thsn gold wit hh a lapiz rapier? Just a thought. Keep it up! 👍
Thank you for your suggestions and compliments! 😄
-Funtime_Freddy_UwU- August 05, 2021 at 6:19 pm
I REALLY want the addon but the link doesn't work for me. :((( Can you maybe make a Mediafire link or something? That would be AMAZING
If you can't use Linkvertise links, you can comment on any of my Youtube videos to ask for Mediafire links 👍
Best emerald addon! Make lapis/redstone next.
Thanks! I might do something similar to lapis or redstone! 😁
If you make a redstone addon can you please make the helmet look like an observer
Finally, emerald armour that isn't just retextured diamond
Finding a non retextured diamond armor addon is pretty hard 😁
If you are happy why put 3stars
Forgot to rate :)
I love this Addon! That helmet texture is so much better compared to other emerald gear mods! Is there any chance you could make a separate texture pack that changes diamond armor and tools to your emerald texture?
I would say the chance is very slim but maybe!
This is truly underrated! Since when could you use tools like that?
Also I'm on Minecraft for Windows 10, and the animations are glitched, other than that - good job :D
Thank you! May I ask which animations are glitched? Because I don't think I added any 😅