Endercraft Reborn Minigames Realm

After its complete disappearance several years ago, Endercraft Realm has returned! The Endercraft Reborn Minigames Realm Download includes the full lobby of Endercraft Reborn Realm, including Minigames such as Castle Kit PVP, Spleef, TNT Run, Zombie PVE, etc. This full Realm map is perfect for Minigames with your friends or even to explore by yourself!

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2 Completely New Biomes in Kit PvP: Amethyst Valley Biome - Crimson Undergrowth Biome 

Other changes: Central Castle Courtyard Revamp - Central Castle Interior Minor Changes - Position of some exit points have been changed - Small Map QoL Changes - Removal of tall plants near new areas for better PvP Experience - Removal of tall plants near Redwood Cliffs


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