Published on September 14, 2023 (Updated on February 29, 2024)

Enderman Boss Add-on UPDATE

The add-on features a formidable Endermen boss in Minecraft,

 accompanied by different weapons:

 sickle, sword, hammer and spear, expanding the gaming experience with an epic challenge.  




Select version for changelog:

  • boss enderman
  • update
  • teleportation with helmet,
  • bug fix with trunk,
  • random drops from the boss
  • endermna head
  • endermna chest
  • endermna pants
  • endermna boots
  • enderman spear
  • enderman scythe
  • enderman hammer
  • enderman glove
  • enderman sword
  • bugs resolved
  • armor with tidy durability
  • weapons with corrected damage
  • now you can tp with a helmet faster
  • drops from stowed items
  • v3



Supported Minecraft versions

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you gave us the wrong download link, the link for the addon is different, please change it
Pls make us able to import it directly to the minecraft
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SoldadoTNT, could you change the download link of this addon of minecraft bedrock, please,the thing is it seems that you put the wrong addon, and you could also put this addon in mcaddon, but you could do it as quickly as possible, please, it is that I I really want to have this addon, please, I beg you very much.
you put the wrong mod
you should make rpg gears and weapons
GINICHIRAKUROMAN_NOODLES March 03, 2024 at 11:56 pm
Can you fix the mod page and the resource pack link it doesn't work and can you just change the behavior pack and resource pack links to bstlar, link verse is gives limited downloads. Please and thank you.
No me sirve el link para descargar
crouching to teleport may get annoying can you change that to a different button ?
B站Minecraft菠萝君 February 08, 2024 at 11:07 am
Hello, can I create a Chinese language for your Addon ("zh_CN. lang")?
u wanna be my friend?? :)
if only it wasnt a zip bc i don't know how to convert
@KILOFINITRIX Delete the .zip And change it to mcaddon or mcpack if there is no such in the name
por favor, não use player.json porque faz com que meus itens desapareçam
ei soldado tnt, você pode atualizar o addon enderman boss e torná-lo compatível com outros mods, obrigado