Endstone Minigames (Version 1.0)

Welcome to Endstone Games first ever map! Our map has parkour, dropper, TnT run and more! We estimate 1 hour to 2 hours of fun content here!


NadhirRancho (Builds/Commands

NachoLibre2222 (Builds)

Myself and my friend have been working on this map for quite some time now, and we are happy to finally be releasing it to the world! Our map contains the following:

Parkour (5 levels)

Dropper (6 levels + tutorial level)

TnT run

A HARD invisible maze

An achievements system

And more cool stuff!

As I said above we estimate 1-2 hours of content, and we aren’t finished by a long shot! We plan at least 1-2 updates this year so stay tuned for when more funky fresh content gets released. If you find any bugs within the map, or if you have any suggestions on what to add, please put them in the map comments because we WILL be reading them. 

Also for anyone making a YouTube video on this map, Please give proper credit to the map creators (NadhirRancho and NachoLibre2222) And also please put a link to your video in the comments because It would be cool for us to see a video on our map. 



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3 Responses

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  1. Guest-3476253420 says:

    If you need help, go into creative and hold a barrier

  2. Guest-8834476637 says:

    Awesome map 🙂 Really enjoyed the parkour only thing is I looked for like 15 mins for the Yeet achievement and I could not find it pls help

    • Oh I’m sorry the one who put the button for that didn’t make that achievement very clear. Hint: Go to explore the world under mini games, and go to the outside of the achievements hall and look for a wooden button nearby. The yeet is built out of barrier blocks

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