Published on March 17, 2024 (Updated on March 22, 2024)

Enhanced Geode v2 (With Animations)

SPN// Enhanced Geode es un Mini-TexturePack que detallada y realza los bloques de las Geodas de Amatista, y que sirve como completo para el TexturePack Enhanced Caverns.ENG// Enhanced Geode is a Mini-TexturePack that details and enhances the Amethyst Geode blocks, and serves as a complete set for the Enhanced Caverns TexturePack.

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  • Rotación Aleatoria de Bloque de Amatista/ Amethyst Block Random Rotación.
  • Cúmulo de Amatista con animaciones/Amethyst Cluster with animations.
  • Brote grande de Amatista con animaciones/Large Amethyst bud with animations.
  • Brote mediano de Amatista con animaciones/Medium Amethyst bud with animations.
  • Brote pequeño de Amatista con animaciones/Small Amethyst bud with animations.
  • Cristal del Calibrador de Sculk con animaciones/Calibrated Sensor Cristal with animations. 


  • Enht_GeodeV2byRBestia.mcpack (91.67 KB)


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Very detailed and amazing quality! Seems like it had some reference to rainbow amethyst, a port made by Parzival_ but the attention to detail is insane!