Published on April 08, 2024 (Updated on April 25, 2024)

Escape From Bedrock V2 [+2+1 LEVELS]

You have escaped from Escape From Bedrock V1. But wait, why are you still inside that bedrock prison? Oh! Didn't I say that you can't escape from the bedrock prison? HAHA! Just kidding, you can escape from the bedrock prison, but when? Play this map to continue your journey in the bedrock prison.

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  • Added 1 levels
  • Fixed Bug:
  1. You can escape by breaking cauldron


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As Of Right Now My Only Issue With This Is That Some Of The Puzzles (3 And 4) Can Be Cheated By Breaking The Pressure Plate And Using Tools From Previous Rooms. A Easy Fix To This Is Using The Red Concrete Rule On These Plates. (Also The Wool On The 3rd Room Can Be Broken To Escape The Map).
(Sorry If I Blew Up The Comments I Just Had A Lot To Say).
This Is As Of Right Now The Best Escape Room On MCPEDL. The Piston Room And The Iron Door Circuit Room Were Definitely My Favorite As They Were Puzzling And Fun At The Same Time, Something I Like To See In A Escape Room (Yea Not A Lot Of People Have Redstone In Escape Rooms)