Published on January 16, 2023 (Updated on September 22, 2023)

Escape From The Prison: Back To Origins

The "Escape From The Prison" maps are back! Here is a new map that brings together structures from the 4 previous maps, and with a Special Reward, find the 15 secrets hidden all over the map to unlock it at the end of the map. Good luck and enjoy it!

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  • Added one more secret.
  • Added new zones to explore.
  • Added a new way to escape.
  • Fixed some signs and bugs.
  • Added rain for make an "effect".
  • Removed the shortcut from Police Hall to Prison.


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this was very fun and amazing but I can’t access the secret ending even though I found all the buttons
make all the prisoners black and have abusive cops pls
there is a bug: when you are at room b and c, and then shoot the target, the actionbar of secret button will show (I'm bad at English) :/
it's so stupid, there's nothing in the cafeteria and the wool(supposed to be broken with shears)not appear. I downloaded one of the previous maps and I was stuck on that too.
try to find the court at next floor
can i use your texture pack in my texture pack?

i will credit you :D