Published on July 08, 2021 (Updated on July 27, 2021)

Escape Zombie Appocalypse (1.17) ("Chapter 3 Update!")

This map is a Puzzle Adventure Map. You are in City Called The DownTown City. There is a Zombie Appocalypse going on there, and you need to escape! Go to the Airport and go away from that City! Each Chaper has different Objective to get to the next Chapters. Find Medkits, Armors, and Foods so you can survive. Zombie will appear every 30 Seconds. 

This Map has 5 Chapters, currently there is only 2 Chapters and there will be more added soon. So, stay tune for more!

New Chapter added : Chapter 3 : The Minigames

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Updates :

  • Added 1 Brand new Chapter, Chapter 3 : The Minigames

Some Bug Fixes :

  • Added a door where supposed to be there, but i forgot to put it.


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This is a good map but the fun stop when the zombie spawn rapidly and the weapon isn't much that help. When I notice the zombie increase I have now much harder to finish the map and solve the puzzle.

My suggestion to limit the zombie spawn to 1 zombie for every 40 seconds or 1 minute and improve the weapon to netherite sword. I like the second level where it have more puzzle but the zombies kill thw fun, maybe focus more on the puzzle I think and just make the zombies a side feature by limiting the zombue as suggected earlier. But it is just my though.
Sorry about that, i will fix that! The new version is still pending. There will be a brand new Chapter and the zombie will not spawn rapidly!
Chapter 3 update:
The system is much better now. I like how I started with a wooden sword and when the game moves I was given with a better sword, I like the like level up weapon thing. With the level up weapon part, the chapter 2 become balance in the gameplay. I manage priorities to solve the puzzle and being aware to zombie, it is the two thing that make the chapter 2 fun to play. The chapter 3, I did not finish it I do not even know if it contain an ending but I did get stuck but map is still not done. I think it would be great to give new player a tips in the introduction room example is let them know that they should not make the zombie live for to long because it will be there downfall (but this is just my opinion). I'm excited when this map is finish and I'll play it again.
Thanks! I really glad you liked this update! Where did you get stuck on? Im pretty sure that you not suppose to stuck.
The world is not bad at all until the zombies start spawning rapidly when you start the 2nd level, I mean damn I can't survive the thousands of zombies with unbreaking III
iron sword.
I suggest for the zombies limit their spawn
also their helmets need lower defense like leather atleast player can kill it fast👍
Thanks! I glad you like it. I will fix the fast summoning zombie in the next update. I also add 1 brand new chapter in thr next update.