Published on February 27, 2021 (Updated on March 02, 2021)


A fun and kind of burning brain mini-game map themed ESCAPE.

There're currently ten levels set for you in each of which you are aimed to escape from a delightedly designed room can you escape from it?

Have a try!

    You are invited by an odd scientist named Dr.N to his laboratory, who set a couple of challenging levels for you. And your mission is to complete them.

    For each level, your mission is to escape from it.

  • Instructions:

  1. To enter a level, press the stone plate
  2. In a specific level, try to approach a emerald block in a green area to escape from(pass) a level
  3. In a specific level, press the button on a gold block to get the hint
  4. In a specific level, throw out(not drop) the given snowball to quit from the level
  5. When you pass a level(except tutorial level), the next level will be unlocked automatically
  6. Try to pass all of the levels

  • Rules:

  1. No changing settings
  2. Volume on
  3. No cheating, since you are permitted to quit from a level halfway

  • Multiplayer: Suitable but not recommended. Because in the current version, there's only one player permitted to enter a level at the same time.

  • Features:

  1. Dynamic level allocation system(so that levels played can be replayed)
  2. Mutual exclusion of players detecting system
  3. A tutorial level
  4. NPC enities used
  5. Sound packages used

  • Coming Soon:

  1. More levels
  2. Achievement System
  3. Difficulty evaluation for each level

  • Bugs Known:

  1. Sounds system works not very well occasionally
  2. "quit" function(throwing snowball) works not very well occasionally

  • About:

  • Solicitation: I need you guys' help! Since the map has great extensibility, I need your great ideas and fantastic designs of "escape" levels to enrich this map, and I'll credit you regarding your designs. If you are interested, here are some details about the level:
  1. The size of the level you build should be restricted up to "35×25×25"
  2. Behavior packs and resource pack are permitted
  3. For more details, please contact me

  • About the map: This is not the final version, I might update it occasionally. Also, if you find any bugs in this map or have any suggestion about it, please contact me :)

  • About myself: This is the first time that I upload a map to mcpedl, yet I've been making MCBE maps for years. Interested about my solicitation, or for any other questions, e-mail me. My e-mail: [email protected]

  • Gallery:




Select version for changelog:

  • Fixed some in-game bugs regarding "tag" command
  • The entrance of level 2 has been no more accessible at the outset


  • escape_1614661855.mcworld

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4.67 / 5 (3 votes)
Not working
I'm stuck on level 9? What do I do with the Magic Sand? Could you please help me? Thanks =D
Esta chido espero escapar de Latinoamérica
In which Mode we want to play this map bcoz when i enter I m in creative Mode 😁
This bug may be fixed in next version
Sorry, this Is a tiny bug, You should play In adventure mode
I'm stuck on lvl 6 lol, help?
Sorry, it's because there're some bugs.
But now I have fixed these bugs and submitted a new version to MCPEDL. And it will probably be updated on this site soon.
And for current version, you may need to skip this level by destroying the bedrocks at lv7 gate
Can you make it for 1.14 please
Sorry, but isn't it compatible for 1.14 BE?