The player has to escape thanks to clues and close attention to detail in a very lonely and dark place. It can be seen as a puzzle that may require come patience. Do you have what it takes to escape?

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Chnged the map . The player started out with a lot of items that it wasn't supposed to start out with.

Added clearer instructions to download the map depending on which link was used.


Their are multiple links you can choose from. The ".mcworld" will bring you straight to the Minecraft app. If that does not work, use the ".zip" link. Go to your files ( With a file explorer app on ios or the regular "Files" app on Android ), select your downloaded map and copy&paste it into Internal storage -> games -> com.mojang -> minecraftWorlds. Then once pasted in that folder select the map and go to your options to unzip it. From there on just open your game and it will be waiting for you!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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9 Responses

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  1. Guest-5268174084 says:

    Great map but when me and my friend was playing it we got locked in where we gave the diamond but the door still didn’t open, one of us had to stay outside so, don’t know if that was a redstone malfunction or it was meant to be like that but there was no other way out.

    • Ugly Bony says:

      Hi this is totally normal, to help you out, once you give it the diamond you should have received a certain block. You have to use that block and the Redstone torch to get out by using the trap door in that room. The door cannot be directly opened with the Redstone torch this is made on purpose 😉

  2. Guest-7716826200 says:

    I found the “Last item” first and now I’m stuck. Any advice?

    • Ugly Bony says:

      Hi, I’d love to help. Before answering I would just need ro know if you started your game with items already in your inventory?

      • Guest-8187139426 says:

        My inventory was clear.

        • Ugly Bony says:

          Certain items you will come by such as the redstone torch for example are one of the items needed but do not have a specific name such as “Item 1” which could maybe explain your confusion to the whole problem. Please try out the newest version of the map that is a fix to the original version if there are any further complications.

  3. Guest-1773641590 says:

    It is a great map, but one thing you should fix is the inventory. When I spawner in, I had items 1-4 and some of your building blocks, so all I needed to do was put in the blocks or items and the doors would open. Other then that it is a great map!

  4. Guest-5017094326 says:

    muito bom

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