Published on May 25, 2021 (Updated on May 25, 2021)

Eva From the Movie Wall-E

With this complement you can have Eva on your map, she will help you protect yourself from monsters, and will accompany you on your adventures and collection of resources, it will offer you much more space so that you do not leave anything there. she will be a faithful friend. 

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•Added a more realistic cover image to the game.

•crafting recipe added for plugin 


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can you give me a media fire link because i added wall-e and i want eva so bad because i dont like adfly
It’s cool I guess. But how do I do it in Minecraft?
models are horrifying....
you need a better artist...
I know jajaja, in an hour I made them, I will improve them.
thank you
thank god now I will install the wall-e and eve mod (is it possible to take the models from the real game?)
what are you using to make these models because I want to see if I can fix them