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Published on January 08, 2021 (Updated on January 08, 2021)

Extra Clothes Plus

This is an improved version of the my old addon "clothes addon" instead of commands this adds different armors. The clothes doesn't give much protection it so be careful.    

There are many clothes that this addon will add to your world from different hats, shirts and or even wings.

To craft these clothes you would need a Sewing Machine Table.

This machine is the crafting table for this addon.

To wear the clothes just equip it like armor.

Remember the clothes have durability also.


Me wearing one of the hats.

Every update I will add new clothes to the addon.

Hopefully you enjoy! ;D


  • Experimental Mode must be turned on

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Do you think you can make the wings be able to make the player fly??
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Playerlongstreamofnumbers January 11, 2021 at 8:28 am
The problem I have with most clothing addons is they are either too op or they are too endgame to actually be useful

I propose if possible that you just use the crafting table/stonecutter to just change the texture of the armour into whatever you want while still keeping the same level of armour

For example
If I have iron armour and the armour skin for a mario hat (idk) I could make a mario hat with the same stats as the iron armour
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It's a great mod! Though, my problem with it is the hololive hats kept on mixing up together like the Gura one became Ame hat. It confused the crap outta me. It might be me having too much addon but I will be redownloading the addon to check for any problems but it's good addon overall♡
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A great addon but i think good if all hololive hat in this addon (holo-id holo-jp)
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I have a same thought
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U should add like a dark hood that covers ur face and doesnt show ur face, thatd be cool.
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