Published on November 07, 2023

Fade Bridge

Fade Bridge is Fade Studios version of Minecraft "The Bridge" which we have added all sorts of addons and made a custom map that you and friends can play on.Trailer:  

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Version 1.0 Is out and now available to download.
Fixed Many Bugs
You can now place on stone blocks


  • l9Fade_8__fBridge_8__cV1.mcworld (140.12 KB)

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Can I customize the loot in this map
I am planning on adding a custom loot option in v1.2 Currently v.1.1 is out and will begin working on your suggestion right away! I also just created a trailer so if you want to see it just go to YouTube and search up Fade Kitpvp By Fade Studios
I love how much time I put into this and I love seeing great comments about the map.