Published on June 28, 2021 (Updated on July 21, 2022)

Fairly Purple Pack

Hi! My pack is a pack that keeps the original spirit of the game and only changes some textures. The oak has been changed to purple wood as well as oak items. The tools have also received a new fresh look, each one being unique. 


So now, for the low, low price of my soul, it's here!

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  • Removed the XP bar (it only worked sometimes)
  • Fixed barrels
  • Fixed arrows
  • Fixed saplings
  • Fixed signs
  • Fixed ladders
  • Added an extra file for BFDIfan (angel wings and a halo)



  • ForBFDIfan.mcpack (450.67 KB)
  • BetaTest14.mcpack (450.37 KB)
  • FairlyPurplePackV7.mcpack (8.97 MB)
  • FairlyPurplePackV6.mcpack (53.81 MB)
  • FairlyPurplePackV5.mcpack (53.81 MB)
  • FairlyPurplePackV4.mcpack (53.81 MB)
  • FairlyPurplePackV310.5.mcpack (53.79 MB)
  • FairlyPurplePackV2.mcpack (53.77 MB)
  • FairlyPurplePackV1.mcpack (53.76 MB)


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Pinned comment
Love the shade of purple you used!
very good addon though i reccomend you turn the gold helemt into a halo and the elytra into angel wings, don't know why but something led me to those two features would be very cool
Love the shade of purple you used!
not much was changed just some things recolored to purple also need to fix packs id # so it not the defualt one