Published on November 22, 2021 (Updated on November 23, 2023)

Fall Colors

Add the colors of autumn to your Minecraft world! This simple mod changes the foliage of Oak, Dark Oak, Birch, Acacia, Azalea, and Cherry trees to have vibrant fall colors (yellow, orange, red, purple, etc).

Now updated for cherry trees! Falling petals and pink petals have also been updated to the fall color theme, giving Cherry trees the extra ambience of falling leaves that accumulate on the ground

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  • Added cherry tree fall foliage colors
  • Cherry trees drop falling leaves and cherry groves now accumulate fallen leaves instead petals


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Wrvqrvqrvrqgry51g15 November 27, 2023 at 7:13 am
incrivel adorei!!!😍😍🥰
Hii, this texture is very very Amazing!!, can i use this texture for my pack?. Thank you!.
Fascinante ♥️ espero lo actualices pronto para las hojas de manglar
Que pena ser a última atualização 😢
great texture pack but can u change vines it ruins the immersion
yeah, vines are a hard one... they should be green in the jungle and... less green everywhere else. It might be possible to do something with the foliage colormaps but I will have to take a look at it. I wanted to incorporate the biome color shading effects, however I found that its easy to go 'out of bounds' of the colors supported by 0-255 RGB values when applying color multiply effects (which is how biome shading works) or trying to reverse this with color divide effects to negate the biome shading.

Alternatively we could just pretend that jungle trees have fall foliage colors and color vines something browner and call it a day.