FalloutCrafter Addon

FalloutCrafter is an addon which is based on the popular Fallout games. The idea is to turn Minecraft into a much more harsh environment. Most armors, items, mobs and blocks have got complete new textures to make everything look more as an apocalyptic world.

Creator: Hexdro, Twitter Account

How does it work?

Ghouls (previously zombies) are both stronger and faster than most mobs in Minecraft. They roam the earth both day and night and if they can smell bodies of flesh in their surroundings they are soon going to kill and then eat it. Here you can see a poor villager being chased off a bridge by an evil ghoul.


Everyone are vulnerable to this vicious creature, including yourself. If they see you they will try to kill you. Some of them are even armed with weapons. And because of their bad health (and breath I’d imagine) they have a tendency to spread diseases. Their poison can be your death if you aren’t careful.


It’s impossible to survive in this harsh world without a friend. Anyone would go nuts. Make sure to save all bones you can find as you will be able to use them to tame wild dogs (also known as dogmeat).


You will need a couple of dogs before you can walk around safely because one ghoul is still far superior to one dog.


But you’ve got to look after yourself too. There are plenty of weapons and armor to craft. Don’t walk around without at least a couple of weapons and a full armor on. (All weapons and armor still have the same features. It’s just the textures which are new.)


Will you be able to sleep at night? Make sure to barricade the doors and keep your weapons near your bed because you never know what monster will wake you up.


Did you like the map I used to showcase this addon? You can download it here: Fallout PE.

(iOS / Windows 10 / Android? 1. Download resource pack .mcpack (click “Skip Ad” in top right corner to go to download page). 2. Download behavior pack .mcpack. 3. Don’t forget to apply the packs to a world for it to work!)

Important: If you are downloading the zip file (found down below) then make sure to place [Textures] FalloutCrafter (games/com.mojang/resource_packs/), [Behavior] FalloutCrafter (games/com.mojang/behavior_packs/) in their respective folders.

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152 Responses

3.5 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    I cant download the page doesnt work please respond!!!

  2. Andry101 says:

    The links not working. Pls fix it!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can I just download the wild wolf skin?

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is a very old addon guys, it’s probably not going to be updated

  5. Rey says:

    It just don’t work

  6. Anonymous says:

    It says can not connect for both resource and behavior I use an iPad pro and I have safari 🙁

  7. Frosty says:

    it says This Page isn`t Working :((((

  8. Oofff says:

    I have a Android and the links do not work.Please fix.

  9. Uchiha Mgr says:

    The link is broken. Please update it ASAP! And creator I recommend to add more creatures like Deathclaws, radscorpions, mirlurk, raiders, bos, mutants, & much more.

  10. MafloBLITZ says:

    Otherwise it’s a great addon

  11. MafloBLITZ says:

    Editor plzz try and answer this because I am trying to add my own texture to the addon so I can have a proper gun but it just changes everything back to normal plzz tell me what the reason could be. And I also tried putting the recourse pack under it but then the guns not there plzz explain

  12. Vault20boy says:

    If I try to download the resource and texture pack it dose not work. It said I am not connected to the sever and I am on safari.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The links don’t work

  14. Kevin Nichols says:

    It might be bugged I can’t download it says it can’t reach that mediafire page for some reason

  15. Tracy Lee Olson says:

    I can’t download these. the link and stuff don’t work.

  16. Cyber says:

    It says Safari cannot connect with the server. Oh and I put my minecraft name down below

  17. Jdz says:

    Can you help, this looks like a good mod, however when I try to download it says Safari can’t load the page.

  18. Aiden says:

    The download isnt working for me. On ios it says that the thing isnt loading or that it could not find the server.please fix!

  19. Kostantinos says:

    The link is not working 🤔….

  20. WikiWaka says:

    tengo minecraft windows 10 edition y lo quiero instalar pero los links no me abren

  21. Beast says:

    Can you put a link in the comments so it is easier to get there plz

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hey! I dunno if the editor or the creator of this pack will see this but can you fix the link?
    When I skip the ad on ad fly it takes me to the correct site but is says that it can’t connect to the servers right now. I have good wifi

    My device is a IPad Air 2

  23. Anton Zolochevskii says:

    Doesn’t work. when I try to load the mediafire page it says that safari can’t load the page.

  24. DJcooldude says:

    I like the addon but i couldnt download it so i had to download it somewhere else but who or what mutant or creature replaces the enderman

  25. Igkugujf says:

    Not working

  26. Fred says:

    Well when I tried to download the resource pack it directed me to mediashare like normal but then it said it “could not connect to server” so I reloaded the page and it said that the link I used was not properly formatted, I’m using an IPad mini 2 do you know why this could be?

    • DaReaperMan says:

      As above, the link is saying ‘could not connect to server’ and even when I reload the page that is all I get. I’m using an iPad mini with iOS 10.3.1 with 2GB of space. I cannot get it to work.

  27. ShadowCat55 says:

    Every time I try and download the resource pack it goes to a different language and then fails to connect to server

  28. Pls says:

    Hello pls make this a mcaddon file by changing it to “.Mcaddon….

  29. Fernandito says:

    Takes way to damn long to load on my phone. 5 minutes of sitting there waiting can get to you after a while. Not sure it it’s cuz of my phone, but it has average specs so I don’t understand the time delay.

    • Fernandito says:

      Also can you add super mutants, radroaches, yao guais, and raiders? Feral ghouls too. They’re pretty cool and I would love to see them on MCPE.

  30. CaptainNeoWolf says:

    Can you please do an update

  31. BasicBadger says:

    For all those wondering about the pack manifest, an Easley fix it to remove the two symbols before “Fallout crafter” in the manifest, this removes the purple font, fixing the bug

  32. JEZZA421 says:

    Doesn’t work the behaviour pack (mc.world) link takes me to adult I wait till I can go do it the it keeps saying can’t connect to server I have tried many times just won’t work please fix I want this for my youtube but won’t work

  33. Pewp says:

    The texture fails to import, the behavior more so. Almost all the mods I download which include the changing of behavior, size, and use of mobs fail. I can’t mount a plane, sit on a boat, or enter a robot. Problems with this mod are the texture fails to import and the behavior won’t even load after adf.ly

  34. Radoric says:

    Please update to 1.0.4, this addon is really out of date. I tried changing the .zip to .mcaddon, to .mcpack, but it does not work.

  35. Ayden says:

    Some how when I was trying to importing the behavior pack it said that the file was deleted.

  36. The Doctor says:

    The add on won’t download and the textures will download but won’t work in my game can you PLEASE fix this

  37. MarkTheCrafter says:

    Awesome addon but could you add radroaches,mole rats,vault dwellers and other stuff like this. I mean that you should add more creatures from fallout 4 and fallout shelter.Hopefully you will add them.Thank you !

  38. Anonymous says:

    Failed to import. Maybe it’s too old? Is this really the latest release?

  39. Fayz Warrior says:

    I can’t seem to download the behaviour pack it can’t connect I think the link is wrong please help

  40. Prince says:

    I hope this gets updated soon.

  41. JDSHORTY says:

    Hey, so I tried to download both of the packs so I could use them on the fallout world an my personal worlds, but every time I click the open in Minecraft Pe button, it opens Minecraft and starts to download, but then says failed to import pack. This happens for both of them, and I really want to download them! Could you please tell me what’s happening to it and how to fix it?

  42. Anonymous says:

    Could be awsome but needs an update it wont work on ios

  43. DanSMCraft says:

    Please can editor of this make Shulkers to turrets and silverfish to Mirelurks or Radroach

  44. Alenoy says:

    This pack doesn’t even work it crashes my game I redowloaded it and the same happens it crashes and this is one of my favorite pack 😞 So please creator fix this and I deleted a lot of apps and crashes please fix this creator

  45. YOURLOCALYTP M8 says:

    Never mind. It will never work. Delete my comment above

  46. BrianSlays29 says:

    Please fix this: everytime I download it, it says: Oops! I know why. You put in purple text. Please remove it so it will work for me. It will help a lot! Thank you if you fixed it. I want to download it so bad so please fix it. Fix it for both resource and behavior packs.

  47. Fiery says:

    where to download i will find a way to download it

  48. Fiery says:

    how to download this thing from where

  49. ImaSkrapMan says:

    This sucks it won’t download because it has coloured text when I do it won’t go through
    (This happened with every other add-on that has coloured text with me and most were decent add-ons ;-;)(I can download the files it’s just that I can’t download it in Minecraft)

  50. Anonymous says:

    The thing completely crashed my game and I had to download it all again

  51. Stardusty26 says:

    It doesn’t work It says failed to import pack

  52. SonicTheHedgehog says:

    Now I’m not I’m literally almost crying there is no good addons this one ain’t work

  53. Luis says:

    When i download the behaivur pack and then i go to minecraft it says error, but i can still go into the game . I hace iOS

  54. Anonymous says:

    On my iPhone 5s I says Failed to import textures/behaviour packs. I really want to play this so please fix it

  55. GreenBlaze28 says:

    Something got wrong after I downloaded the recourse and the behaviour packs. I went into my mcpe and went into recourse pack and I can’t BELIEVE what it says in the fallout crafter recourse and the behaviour pack it says UNABLE TO MANIFEST IN PACK🙁🙁🙁😭😭pls fix this I got an IPad iOS device and my mcpe version is 1.0.1

  56. ----- says:

    Always says “unable to manifest in pack” on my iPhone please fix!!!

  57. Zeb says:



  58. runninglate5000 says:

    I am on a iPhone 5 s and every time I try too download it it says “failed to import fallout crafter” I need help.

  59. DerpyChomper says:

    It says that it couldn’t import on to it. . . Hellllllllpppp meeeee!!😔😔😔😣😣😖😖😖😡

  60. Mason says:

    I Downloaded it but when I opened minecraft it said failed to download resource pack and I really need it to work btw I’m on iOS please help

  61. iZoidberg says:

    Please update!

  62. MigsXD211 says:

    Add a v.1.0 to this add on

  63. MrLobster says:

    I really want to get this but it fails each time i try to download the resources and behaviour can you topry fix that and I am on iOS iPad Air 2

  64. Gln05t says:

    When I tried downloading the output log said that the files had an unknown name and description as well as not having a manifest

  65. Poppy755 says:

    Hi, when I tried to import this every time it says the pack manifest is missing. I have a IPad mini 4. And I have tried everything to get it to work. I wasn’t sure if this could be fixed.

  66. Hello says:

    Does this work for 1.0.0

  67. Sthephen says:

    Can you make is so it’s compatible with ios version 1.0.0

  68. DectectivePanda says:

    The add on isn’t loading in on my IPad

  69. Ej says:

    What is the map u used?

  70. Kellon_Tale says:

    Ok it’s working

  71. Anonymous says:

    Horses and pigs can’t be tamed and ride.Feature or bug?

  72. Jake says:

    And how to import the files into the game?

  73. Tyler says:

    This looks really cool. I downloaded the texture pack successfully but the the behavior packs wont import. I tried just looking at the texture pack so I applied it to both my title screen settings and world settings then created the workd and left it sit for a few minutes and it wouldnt load a bit of it. I tried restarting my minecraft and going back on, but now minecraft crashes everytime. Im just gonna redownload minecraft now and it would be great if you fised this.

  74. Krieg7 says:

    But dont remove the mobs ability to NOT burn in sunlight its a good thing. Just remove the power and speed. Pls fix the bugs as soon as possible

  75. Mr_GheckoMan says:

    It’s only the textures that’re working!!! At least make the behavior pack work!

  76. Krieg7 says:

    Its a good addon and i love Fallout! Just some bugs that need to be fixed.
    1. All the hostile mobs get the boost’s that was added to the Ghoul’s (Except the poison attack.) and they always attack each other also.
    2. When hit, the Villagers, they always, somehow, turn into witches!
    3. Some of the items don’t show properly when holding them.
    All in all its a good addon and texture pack just fix these bugs as soon as possible pls to make it more enjoyable. I have a request. Can you somehow make grassblock’s look like dirt so it can look more like a wasteland when creating a new world. If you do fix the bugs Thanks! And if you add my request Thanks Again!

  77. BigTRocks says:

    Awesome addon i really like it

  78. sanik says:

    so if you download the resource pack and the behavior thing you dont need to click the download button anymore cause i downloaded the resource pack and the behavior and i also downloaded the fallcrafter v1 zip but when i extract it the inside of the folder is the resource pack and the behavior
    sorry for my english btw good mod!!

    • Editor says:

      Once you’ve downloaded the .mcpack files for the resource and behavior files then you just need to click those files to import them to the game.

  79. Anonymous says:

    When I try to download the resource pack it says page unavailable

  80. Will says:

    I cant get the texture please help

  81. ... says:

    A little typo here, it says “Did you like the map we used to showcase this MAP?”

  82. KJ says:

    The resource link isn’t working. Every time I click the link to download the resource pack it never loads.

  83. Karamello says:

    I am on an IOS device and when I press on the link for the texture packs and I skip the ad fly ad it keeps loading until it says server is not responding. But the behavior pack works, please help me out…

  84. I lik turtels says:

    The textures are not working for me:(

  85. Jakrispie says:

    Takes to long to load. I have a iPhone5s and I have over 40GB left in my phone but I’m still stuck at the generating world screen

  86. Nelson says:

    This is very gud. ?

  87. Lokoer says:

    Hey I’m on an iPad mini and can’t seem to download and get the texture pack to work? Basically I’m left with speedy zombies with basic textures XD that don’t burn in sun
    The download link does work from safari how do I get it to work

  88. Dinamoboss says:

    This is the best add-on ever screw all other addons plz make v2 and add more stuff because I like this add-on a lot and thank you for making it

  89. PLEASE HELP MEH says:

    is there anyway to delete this addon i cant load minecraft it keep crashing i got so many data please help anyone i have so many data on there and i if i reboot my ipad that addon is still there anyhelp

    • Editor says:

      Please check the second menu for install guides and do the reverse thing. Instead of installing a mod / addon – remove it.

  90. Nadia says:

    Hi i’ve installed the texture pack fallout addon but as i enter the logo of minecraft “mojang” it crashes instantly! Im so sad i cant play minecraft anymore until an update comes out which will take 10000000 years. 🙁

  91. Annonymous says:

    Nice Addon

  92. Ryan says:

    It broke my Minecraft

  93. TheVillagerKing says:

    HELP! I tried downloading this and it worked…But all I get when I open the app is just the white MOJANG screen, then it sits there for about 30 seconds, then kicks me back to my home screen. I’ve did everything; I turned my phone on and off, reset the app numerous times, but all to no avail! So naturally, without any way to get in the app, there’s no way of going in and disabling what I’ve started. You could say “Oh just delete and reinstall the app”. I could do that, but there’s a world I had since March! It’s my favorite world and I can’t let it go, and I don’t remember the seed at all! And I’m looking for ways to back up my game but I doubt any will work. So please! Anyone who’s had this type of issue before please help a player out here PLEASE!

  94. Gabe says:

    This is hands down one of the greatest addons you can use to make your mcpe world look totally realistic, and a lot like the walking dead. A few problems though (windows 10), the flint and steel and empty map texture shows multiple artworks when held in your hand. This addon is still great though five stars.

  95. Samuel says:

    very good addon, I enjoyed congratulations, more is normal mobs fight?

  96. Justin says:

    It doesnt work for me, the packs dont show up in game.

  97. TheMercWithTheMouth says:

    I’m sure this is a cool add-on, but unfortunately it doesn’t work on iPad. Attempting to generate a world with even just the texture pack results in being stuck on the world generation screen. Bummer.

    • Editor says:

      It is most likely not an “universal” issue for all iPads. My guess is that you have a lot of stuff on your iPad already, processes including, which take up a lot of RAM / memory.

      Try eliminating such processes and clear up some space on your device.

  98. MDhama says:

    When I open the world or create it the it says Minecraft Stoped working

  99. Prince says:

    So freakin cool.
    Very good job ?.

  100. Thito says:

    The teture failed the download of the map why ?

  101. MDhama says:

    Very cool Addon

  102. Anonymous says:


  103. neo says:

    Do I really need to Download the Resource Packs??

  104. neo says:

    The Resource pack is too large it cant handle my Mcpe , it crashes when I import it in the Resource packs , can you fix this??

    • Editor says:

      Addons are still new and there are definitely things which aren’t perfect yet. I have told the creator about this issue you are having and given him some tips on how he can optimize the file size.

  105. Yoesicon says:

    Looks cool, but my world won’t load. :/

  106. Anonymous says:

    Only the textures are working on ios. LINK 1 and 2 go to the same thing

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