Published on November 09, 2021 (Updated on January 09, 2022)

Fantastic Creatures

Fantastic creatures is a complement with an incredible artistic section and with excellent animations, a unique mafia behavior for each entity, this complement seeks to improve Minecraft in all possible ways

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  • Give credits to official creators
  • Don't steal model textures or animations within the addon

This addon is subject to a license that if not followed may cause legal problems


Chocobos, a larger than normal bird with different abilities, for example, is a very fast transport by land and has other abilities such as swimming or jumping very high, you can find them freely in your world in very open and vegetated places such as prairies.

To tame the chocobo you need a food called gysahl that is found in the nature section

Once tamed you can place a saddle on it by right clicking the mouse in the direction of the entity in android, just approach the chocobo and you will get a button

You can remove the saddle from a chocobo with scissors and now baby chocobos cannot be mount


Black Bear:

Black bears are excellent game animals even more with enemy mobs


Black bears love honey so you can give them bottles of honey to make them happy these big animals will not attack the player unless he is hit they cannot be tamed and they appear in biomes of mountains, forests or in places with many flowers that you can give them raw salmon so the bears grow faster


The sporelung is a mushroom-type creature, it is somewhat shy but that does not mean that it has a hidden secret to defend itself but it also likes to trade a lot with the players so you decide whether to have it as a friend or an enemy

We are still undecided where it will appear or what drop you will get when the sporelung dies

To exchange with the sporelung you can right click or click the exchange button in android

Gysahl Plant:

Now the gysah plant can be found in survival in grasslands

You can use the bone powder to make it grow faster, it has 4 stages of growth or just wait for the plant to grow on its own when it has its last stage you can break it and get the gysahl





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  1. Sporelung is added
  2. Sounds were added to the sporelung
  3. Now you can get the chile by trading with the sporelung


Remember to remove the old version of the addon before installing the new version


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4.63 / 5 (16 votes)
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Adding more mobs is already on our list of future plans
Still great, plus update for 1.18.2 support!
Good addon by the way
Regarding giving credits to official creators, for example, if you stream on twitch in a survival world where I just play and interact with the add-on, you have to give credits or you could stream without any problem. * Note I don't know if the translation is correct since I translated everything from Spanish to English since I speak Spanish xd
Leaving credits is optional but if you do, it should be to the official creators, I don't know if you understand what I mean
it would be nice if in future updates the fenix was added
it could be faithful to its owner, for example minecraft's own bird but with the difference of attacking enemies and being immortal because it will always be reborn from the ashes
Adding a phoenix is ​​not on our list of future plans although in the future I could change my mind but it does not promise anything
me encanta tu addon :3, los diseños y animaciones uff, no importa que sea poco lo añadido, no tiene como mil cosas que luego no entiendo y me estresa xd. 5 estrellas uwu.
Leaving credits is optional but if you do, it should be to the official creators, I don't know if you understand what I mean
This quality of the mobs in this addon is amazing even if theres so few of them, id love to be able to use this addon in a addonpack of mine if that would be alright with you guys.

I definitely hold high hopes for the future of this addon!
Sure you can as long as you follow the license rules
Thanks mate, I will make sure to follow them down to a t.
WOW! i was searching for an addon with more mobs and couldnt really find any because the creators go for quantity instead of quality and It really saddened me, but I saw this and the mobs are REALLY polished! I know for a fact as soon as this gets some more stuff and it keeps its quality this will hit mcpedl by storm.
Great Job!
I absolutely can’t wait for what’s in store!!
I can tell a certain love and style that I’m attracted to has been put into this addon, and has become a great addition to my modded MC experience. Although my exuberance is dramatic, it’s my expectations and the mod’s thorough simplicity that makes me like it so much. I never knew I needed an endearing big bird steed.
not for windows 10, lied for money
I don't understand what this add-on refers to. It is functional on mobile devices and computers. If you have a problem, you could report it on our official server
did not mean to comment twice
You can look for a video of how to skip linkvertise ads
Textures and animations are really well done. Can't wait for more mobs
Hey, I wonder what is the experiments for this mod?, And keep doing great work!
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