Published on December 29, 2022 (Updated on April 21, 2023)

Fantasy Knight 3D Armor and Helmets!

A 3D armor & helmets texture pack!

This Texture pack makes every piece of armor and helmet 3D! Give Minecraft a breath of fresh air with this new 3D pack! 

Changes every piece of armor (helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots) with a unique 3d design for each one.

This also includes netherite tools with matching colors for the armor pieces.

You can check the images below for more details

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Added install instructions on this update.

3D tools and weapons update is on the go!

Fixed linkvertise link! Now it shouldn't make you download any virus




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I love everything but the netherite helmet makes me look like a bunny
I loved the complement the netherite armor is the best in my opinion and a very important detail that I found is the fact that the armor is very small on my skin, but I loved the 3d modeling of the armor
Actually, I didn't like the shape of the netherite. Can you make it normal? :)

في الواقع ، لم يعجبني شكل الجزء السفلي. هل يمكنك جعلها طبيعية؟ :)
Sorry for the delay!!!! Yes sir, I want to do one without gold and diamond for the new trims that Will come in 1.20
can you make a version of the netherite without gold?
Sorry for the delay!!!! Yes sir, I want to do one without gold and diamond for the new trims that Will come in 1.20
I wish they were separate armors instead of retextures 😭

I want that leather armor so bad but I dont want it to replace the default one
Well, I'll give my addon (rpg progress) the same treatment (an option with 3D armor) and are completely new armor pieces
So I'll make a mini-addon with that leather armor for you if you want :D
Thank you! I'm going to use this texture pack for my non experimental world I hope this doesn't require experiments to be turned on I'm not using other textures in that world so I dont mind it replacing the vanilla armors also the rest of the armors look interesting too I love the idea of leggings becoming a full outfit.

Edit: I just activated the addon and oh my god these armors look fantastic and leather armor gives me skyrim vibes its so beautiful its like bear armor 🤩
I loved!
Can you try to do it for Java as well?
Edited the whole comment, I didn't read it well lol
Im looking for someone who would Port it, because I don't know how to Port it to java
I own Java, but My potato can't handle it, so I can't experiment