Fast-O Miner Addon – Improved Survival Experience!

Fast-O Miner Addon.

Add’s Tree capitator and a Vein Miner to your worlds and more!

You can chop down tree’s and break ores in one hit!

But, How does it actually work?

You have to use an axe and sneak to break wood all at once

But if you dont sneak when breaking you can still break normally

if you dont use an axe itll not work

This also works on ores

Break ores all at once by sneaking

To break them normally dont sneak when breaking

And also works on gravel and clay!!

if you dont use a shovel itll not work!

You can also gather crimson and warped logs also break nether ore’s too. (images will update soon)

There is also an Easter Egg in this addon

You can ride horses with two players ^^

I Also added some recipes (new link will get added for those who doesnt like recipes)

flint only works in normal furnaces because it would be too op if ı add it to blast furnace

You can cook “Rotten Flesh” and gather “leather” in “furnaces and even camp fires”

Wooden axe’s ability to break logs at the same time has removed. it was too op

Note: You dont need Experimental Gameplay to use this addon!

Use English (UK) language

You’re Not Allowed to Edit the Addon!

if you’re going to share the addon use my links.

for those who wants to look to my code, ı didnt encoded my addon.

that way some people may learn how to make addons for themselfs rather than stealing

Here is a Trailer of the addon

trailer is for the old version! will be updated soon.

Changelog View more

- fixed some of the glitches when breaking logs

- now you can break nether tree leaves with an hoe

- renewed the download link

- some bug and performance fixes.

Updated site look.

added new images to site. 

all bugs removed. (if you find one pls tell in the comments)

REMOVED WOODEN AXE (it was too op. you could break 3 log and gather like 60 in 2 mins so ı removed it)

Added some recipes such as saddle and horse armors etc. (images will be updated soon)

added every log type and 1.16 version ores to breakable. such as nether gold.

Netherite items are usable now

-Some Bug Fixes

-I'll add netherite items when 1.16 is fully released.

- ReUpdated all the download links.

- Fixed Horse dont get any damage glitch

-Updated All Download Links

-Changed the block break radius back to normal

-ReAdded Easter Egg.

-Changed Gravel break radius.

-Fixed all not working functions.

-Changed Thumbnail picture

-Updated Download Links

-Updated the instructions to make more understandable

-Removed easter egg.

-Added limits to breaking

-updated pack to 1.14 and above.

-added gravel, clay breaking all at once.

-fixed lag glitch.

-Updated Download link to MediaFire.

-Fixed the Lag glitch.

-Fixed the Horse do not get fall damage glitch.

-fixed multiplayer Lag glitch.

-updated download link

-fixed Horse cannot jump when two players riding glitch


To skip adfly wait 5 seconds on the site and click skip ad.

if an ad opens after that close the ad and click skip ad again.

please dont get mad about Im not getting paid


Supported Minecraft versions


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169 Responses

3.65 / 5 (75 votes)
  1. EightBoxGamer Among Us says:

    It Does Work On Beta Minecraft,It Didnt Work
    I Use Stone Pick And Stone Axe
    I Sneak It Didnt Even The Addon Is Activated
    Pls Fix It!
    But 1.16.40
    It Worked How To Fix It

  2. EMPTY_wastaken says:

    Can someone plz help me install this ive been looking for a mod like this for EVER and when i try to save it to a file it Just says “operation Not permitted” Can someone plz help me

  3. For anyone on Xbox having trouble installing this add on:
    Download the MCPack and then extract it. Then copy the entire extracted folder into your behavior_packs folder in my files explorer on Xbox. There is no resource pack for this add on. After that just load up the game and activate the add-on under Behavior Packs in the create a world screen.

  4. Guest-512810 says:

    Sadly it doesn’t work with ores and gravels
    But still good addon

  5. ending420wdkj says:

    is it ok if i go ahead and add stuff to your addon im trying to make addons im know how to code not the best at it but im still learning

  6. L0rpYT says:

    Hey AsilZade, this add-on is very OP so (just an idea,I don’t know if this is possible) you should add a feature that makes it so it’s slower to mine lots of blocks together than like 2 or 3. You could also make the different tiered tools start being slower after more blocks and an enchanment that also increases the speed multiplier I think is what it would be called. I honestly don’t know if this is possible but it would make a great addition.

    PS the enchantment could be “veining”


  7. Tsuruugi says:

    Does it work with Coptaine’s advanced sneak and crawl addon?

  8. KrakenTubes says:

    Great! It works does it work for other mods/addons?

  9. Lightn1ngTurtle says:

    i don’t think it works on Xbox 🙁 but it looks cool

  10. Alissar says:

    There’s a glitch where if i break a tree around the house with lot pillars, the pillars on my house break too. On more than one occasion, I’ll barely hit a log while shifting and it breaks the whole thing. I’ve had to rebuild the same structure four times lmaooo. please fix this because this add on is soooo useful but i don’t wanna rebuild my house for the fifth time haha.

  11. roosterseatyou says:

    Works good. wish it worked on realms tho. if it doesnt please say so in the description.

  12. Guest-8429639862 says:

    Hey you should fix something. I mean i was breaking gra el near bedrock and now I have 12 bedrock in my inventory. Can you fix this?

  13. Guest-3550454109 says:

    Hi. In order to make sure you can also break dark oak logs and acacia logs, create another function called “log2” and instead of log, use “log2” or “log_2” in the code.

  14. luckydev says:

    Could you add the new shrooms to this

  15. Guest-1278479789 says:

    Does this have to be at the top of the load list

  16. Guest-7267214631 says:

    Amazing mod, however using a shovel on gravel and clay blocks does not seem to activate any vein mine effects. Please fix this! That would make this mod so much better

  17. Guest-4686842421 says:

    hmm why the method of installing the addon is different when first time use it i see the Mc.res and Mc Beh. files not i don’t know what next to do it’s auto install??

  18. Guest-1633453740 says:

    Really good, tiny bit laggy as in a small delay but really helps with the large trees, other than sometimes breaking the wrong tree whe ntheyre too close it works perfectly, AMAZING!

  19. Guest-9401027581 says:

    He did say it doesnt work yet, he is fixing it

  20. luckydev says:

    Doesn’t work with netherite tools, that and unless its on top, some other behavior packs cease to work (Re light)

  21. luckydev says:

    Error can’t find animation log1 HELP ME

  22. Guest-1747382106 says:

    I could not mine minerals in version

  23. Guest-5496026927 says:

    could you add andesite and diorite

  24. Slopee9 says:

    1.16 has released will u add netherite now?

  25. Guest-6606177862 says:

    It works! I’m on version 1.14.60 on windows 10. Though it does not work if you add addons to it. I’ve tested it with the addon itself and it worked fine but with other addons, it did not work. Hopefully the creator of this will consider making it work (if possible) with other addons.

    • Guest-1625548352 says:

      Update! I’m the person who commented about this above. The addon works with other addons! In order for it to work is that this addon needs to be on top of the other addons so when you activate the addon packs, make sure the addon is on top of the list.

  26. maxis19 says:

    I tested it on a world only the addon itself and it didnt worked
    Shifting and breaking a log

    • AsilZade says:

      Did you had the certian item when breaking the log?
      Which version did you test it on?
      Which language were youbusing when playing with the addon?
      Sorry for asking that many questions but i just want to know.
      Ill update the addon when 1.16 is released.

    • AsilZade says:

      Did you had the certian item when breaking the log?
      Which version did you test it on?
      Which language were you using when playing with the addon?
      Sorry for asking that many questions but i just want to know.
      Ill update the addon when 1.16 is released.

  27. Guest-1881825905 says:

    Hey Sir Owner I Have A Suggestion You made a addon showing us hp right could you make maybe a team maybe if we do /function create team and they will add the name of the group went they are not part of the group they can be killed but if they are they cannot be killed and this is how we removed them /function lg for leave group and /function join to join and /function accept_inv and add ranks Owner CoOwner Member and more thanks for making good addon please add this and advanced thank you

  28. Guest-3379046184 says:

    Works great, but tree dicapitator doesn’t work on dark oak trees. Please fix this

  29. Guest-7097580887 says:

    Very nice mod, but not work on ores and gravel in PLS fix. ?

  30. Guest-3366250672 says:

    Does this work with enchantment like silk touch or fortune
    please answer

  31. Guest-4987698304 says:

    Need to make this so it can work on realms

  32. Guest-6026931997 says:

    tree capitator and vein miner by dakonblackrose is still the best

  33. Guest-5585817130 says:

    Is it possible to fix a couple things? One, netherite tools aren’t registered as tools for this add-on. Two, if this isn’t at the very top of the list, it won’t work, but if it is at the top, nothing else works! I’m going to continue to use this add-on because its very time saving, I just thought I’d raise a couple points. Other than that, job well done!!

  34. Guest-7763576281 says:

    The links you gave me were not it was an inappropriate site and I didn’t know what to do!

  35. Guest-9857490685 says:

    It’s really good, the only think I’m upset about is that it doesn’t cute down acacia trees, other than that it’s works really good

  36. Guest-8983382127 says:

    Doesnt work with ores and gravels

  37. Guest-5879464355 says:

    this could be both good and bad

  38. ColonicCard8348 says:

    Love it but i am not sure if it works with a lot of other mods. i am trying to add many mods at once, but it does not seem to work. great job though!

  39. Guest-6805421991 says:

    the 2links dont work can you put the media fire link of the latest version in the comment i have a large realm where i want to use it

  40. Guest-2661342200 says:

    It’s compatible with realms?

  41. Guest-5889686098 says:

    Hey can I use your addon for something that I am going to use on my survival world because the addons that I am going to use is Vanilla Tweaks, Vanilla Traps, Realight, and Your Fast-o Miner addon.

  42. Guest-4503904660 says:

    haha. I decoded the pack

  43. Matt Garvin says:

    Doesn’t work with Silktouch though. 🙁

  44. Darcy Martin-Liptak says:

    All my add ons that I do just keep saying “not a valid zip archive” anyone know how to fix?

  45. Trgamer says:

    Pls update 1.14.1

  46. Owen D Royal says:

    Update 1.13

  47. joe says:

    It doesnt work for me 🙁

  48. Alpha Wolf says:

    Hey there! Addons is super dandy and it seems to work on both my Nintendo Switch and Windows 10 machines. Quick bug notification: even though it seems to work, it says it’s missing a dependency from somewhere. It would be neater if this was fixed as well!

  49. Bobby The Boss says:

    It Is Not Working For Me On Windows 10 Edition It Is Not Showing Up Can Please Explain Why

  50. Steep says:

    Not bad at all! Can you make it work on leaves and gravel too?

  51. Anonymous says:

    The game crashes if you deflect a blaze fireball with a shield. Using the 1.13 beta.

  52. A_kid says:

    I’m on xbox and need the zip for this, would you mind adding/giving the zip? Thanks!

  53. Beezus says:

    I know this question isn’t appropriate to this comment section but how can I stack addon resources without them clashing or disabling the other add-on, this is a genuine question please answer

  54. Mcpeplayer says:

    Works great! Big trees still float but thats expected. 10/10!

  55. Anonymous says:

    It works just large trees still float

  56. Bdude1994cool says:

    Hey quick question r u fine with me using your addon in a series on YouTube i just want to know

  57. AsilZade says:

    if the first link does not working.
    Download the second one.
    Here is also mediafire link.

  58. Unknown says:

    Doesn’t work

  59. LividBunny says:

    could you please leave out the easter egg one?
    or just make it separate from the mining and chopping ones?

  60. Anonymous says:

    I wanted to use this mod to replace the Tree Feller mod but this mod says it’s missing dependencies. Any idea what’s causing this?

  61. Anonymous says:

    It dont working.

  62. dgamereyt says:

    hi I belive this is a good addon only a problem

  63. AyaqNyoqq says:

    Does it affect the durability too.It would be realistic if it affect it.

  64. cristian says:

    the game is crash un windows 10 edition and version
    plis fix, not work

  65. Fallaoub says:

    this mod says its missing dependencies

  66. bruh says:

    I was excited to mess with this mod in my worlds but it doesn’t work and says missing dependencies.

  67. Anonymous says:

    my minecraft says its components are broken

  68. Greenmarine22 says:

    I downloaded on windows 10 and it did not work for me….

  69. DookieMan420 says:

    I apply it to my map but it says it’s missing dependencies. How do I fix this?

  70. Kroinos says:

    Is this Dakonblackroses?

    • AsilZade says:

      No Kroinos.
      I made this addon myself.
      I was also speaking with dakon when i was making this addon.
      Me and dakon made the almost same addon at the same time.
      I know this is very weird but its true.

  71. Rubens says:

    Don’t work in my version 1.12.0

    Windows 10 edition

  72. Hello says:

    Does not work 🙁

  73. Mr.Nobody says:

    Please make a download like for mediafire

  74. Good Customer says:

    Nice work, bro. You made veinminer. I’ve been looking for this for ages.

  75. Mr.Nobody says:

    Could you make it so you can download it from mediafire please. That’s where I download most of my mods and I only know 1 other way. Or could you make a video showing how to install it. I click the link and it says what would I like to do with and I click open and it takes me to my files and one called test. I don’t know how to install it that way

  76. Chase says:

    when trying to do it on iOS it says “Missing one or more dependencies.” and doesnt work, do you know how to fix this because i really want to use this addon.

  77. cristian says:

    close the game in windows 10. not work.
    problem :c

  78. Sean says:

    It says the mod is missing a dependency and wont work.

  79. Seanyboi says:

    Can u mke a zip file link for console?

  80. Anonymous says:

    Cn you make a zip file link for console?

  81. Aeon Genesis says:

    Says the data pack is missing dependencies.

  82. Anonymous says:

    Not working -_-
    Good idea though, probably just need a fixin.

  83. Yolo says:

    When I try to use the vein miner it doesn’t work please fix

  84. CreditedJoker21 says:

    Its missing its dependency

  85. Josh says:

    Said missing dependence with Id v1.12

  86. Anonymous says:

    Its say missing dependencies

  87. Dawson says:

    It doesn’t work

  88. Xenith says:

    i love the idea of this mod, sadly it didn’t work for me idk if i did something wrong or if it’s just bugged bc it came out today, but to the creator please look into a installation guide for some people and maybe checking to see if that link works because it says there is no dependency for it or something like that, thank you.

  89. Just a guy says:

    Whenever I try applying the addons it says “missing dependencies”. And none of the things listed works when I enter into a world.

  90. LimeLemons says:

    The addon doesn’t seem to be working, I’ve turned on eparimental mode on to see if it worked then but still didn’t work ?

  91. Adam says:

    Hey, it doesn’t work for says that it’s missing dependencies. Can you fix that please?

  92. Anyomous says:

    Says missing pack dependencys and doesn’t work at all, test before you post a addon.

  93. Alesscreeper says:


  94. IceBurstYT says:

    I’ve been waiting for a tree evaporator for the longest time,the vein miner is a much needed bonus. So thanks for this addon, I really like it.

  95. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t Even work in game! ?

  96. GoldenDemon says:

    It didnt worked, surely there must be a reason why, but okay, ill still give you 5/5 STARS. idk, its not a big deal really .-. i like the way you mixed 3 of my favorite addons in on single addon, but it doesnt work ;-;

  97. Kokonut says:

    It’s broken. If I install Tree-Feller from this addon, the game will “check the download”, and for more than 1 hour. It’s still checking. Please fix.

  98. Anonymous says:

    Can you add a mediafire link so I can get this on Xbox pls

  99. Grawlix says:

    Nice useful stuffs I like the horse one too

  100. GamingWithYassin says:

    Bro, seriously?


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