Published on September 20, 2023

FEESH's Better Brewing!

Has anyone else ever thought that brewing in Minecraft is a bit dull? I mean, you stick some items into a dull brewing stand UI, and you wait a while until a potion shows up. According to the wiki, the original plan was that you could throw stuff into a cauldron, and you would receive a potion based on your ingredients. Doesn't that sound more interesting? Yes. I don't think you get a say in this.

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It's a NEW add-on! Woo!

This is actually my first time using Blockbench, so if you don't like my cauldron, sorry... It was fun nonetheless!


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120.40 please
I don’t think anything major has changed how these work, but I’ll check
Please add new potions in the future
I might do this! Also, I could possibly add compatibility with other potion addons, such as Alchemy and Sorcery!