Published on April 17, 2022 (Updated on April 23, 2022)

Finding Sophie Chapter 3 - The Way to Hell [Horror] [2 Player Map]

You went to Lily's house to search for your daughter but you felt that you are not welcome in their house and everything get worst, you didn't find your daughter,  the house collapse and now you are trapped under the sewer and a new mystery is waiting for you to solve

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Nothing change within the map, I just changed the thumbnail



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This was fun, but there were flaws
This is very difficult
the cutscene animations (the ones where we jump across lava and where i save player 2) are so adorable :D

The fact that it lacks full screen jumpscares and instead opting for tp-ing the antagonist in front of our screens backed up by the sound effects that are commonly used in horror movies is convenient yet just as powerful; and the clown crawling on the floor was horrific.

over all, me and my sibling enjoyed it. 10/10 would recommend
Let me know if you found any problem within this map