Published on June 09, 2022 (Updated on June 20, 2023)


"Fireflies!" is a pretty basic addon that adds the removed Firefly mob to the game. They look pretty much identical to what was shown at Minecraft Live. You can catch them in a jar, use them as frog food (they aren't poisonous!), or you can let them roam to add some ambience to your world!

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  • -updated the addon's post downloads with new working download links

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What is they're discord?? I want to download this addon please!!
Go on their discord to get it
It‘s perfect! I always was searching for a fireflies addon that uses the original two-pixel textures. But I only found other fanmade textures. Great work Korbon!
Works great! Really improves the atmosphere at night, and the firefly jar is a plus that I love. 👍