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Published on October 22, 2020 (Updated on November 13, 2020)

Fixed Tip Text (No Ads)

Nether update came quite long time ago, but there are still some bugs. I made this texture pack (it will be better to say "text pack") to fix one of Mojang's mistakes.

This texture packfixes text of one tip, which became inaccurate when 1.16 released.

Before using texturepack:


Ore will drop if you use netherite pickaxe:

Available languages: (en) GB, (en) US, (ru) RU, (uk) UA, (de) DE [Not tested yet]

If you have ideas what else need update, leave them in the comments.

Select version for changelog:


Added Ukrainian language.

Added German language.

If you want to help with translation, leave translation and language in the comments.


Download and open file using Minecraft

Activate in global resources.

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Sebelum kamu menggali berlian, batu merah atau emas, pastikan kamu menggunakan beliung besi, berlian atau netherit. Jika tidak, bijihnya tidak ada.
( Bahasa Indonesia )
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Thanks, I will update it using your translation.
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Useless because you can't get netherite with diamonds, but ok.
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Translators needed, if you want to help me to fix this tip in all languages, please leave translation in the comments and don't forget to say what language is it
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And the German Tip =)

Bevor du Diamanten, Redstone oder Gold abbaust, solltest du sichergehen, dass du eine Eisen-,Diamant- oder Netheritespitzhacke verwendest. Sonst gibt es kein Erz. #

Fixed :)
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I know I even make my own tips, but I think that was a really good idea of ​​yours to fix this bug.
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Nice Idea is very good, I can help you with German Tip =)
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