Floating Text Addon

Display whatever you need with this addon!

Got a server that is missing names for it's game portals? An adventure map without marked buildings? An exit sign? An entrance sign? Don't worry!

With this amazing floating text addon, you can do all that and more! It's important to note, floating text is considered an entity, so make sure that people don't hit it!

(Surround it in a barrier, structure, or other blocks to keep it safe).

Another important thing to note is that you need to name the spawnable Floating text with a nametag. (Make sure to find the shadow)


Supported Minecraft versions

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Nice nice addon but it lags for me still it's good everyone rate this in 5 stars
Hello creator, I give you some advice not to use entity player, because besides generating the shadow below, it can be hit by the arrow, so it can be moved anywhere and also be killed.Just fix these two errors, because I made the mod floating text