Fnaf SL Skin Pack

This skin pack adds most of the Fnaf SL animatronics this pack does not include the jumpscare forms of eny of the animatronics most of the skins are not hd but a few are HD  and this adds 12 fnaf sl animatronic skins.

this is a skin pack for most of sl animatronics including circus Baby Funtime Foxy Funtime Freddy  Funtime Chica  Ballora  Yenndo  bonbon bonet bidybab minireenas ennard lolbit most of the skins are HD

I made the skins on skinseed 

Please subscribe to my youtube channel foxy da pirate


people that helped make skins (there on skinseed)

@pawnii (Funtime foxy and lolbit)

@IHavemoved1111 (circusbaby)

@toyfoxypaw (bidybab)

@freddycraft (yenndo)

@fnafgamer126yt (bonbon)

@ennardgaming Yta (minireena)

@girlcrying_child (Funtime chica)

@rezamoon (ennard)

@its_le_lolbit (ballora)

Changelog View more

the last adimin that review it was working for another website and did not want me posting he said post it there instead

In the first Version I forgot to credit the people that helped make the pack



Supported Minecraft versions


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27 Responses

4.78 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Bunbun says:

    Oops i said if i could make it possible i ment you WoOps xD

  2. Bunbun says:

    Hi i was wondering if I could make it possible so that xbox players could download the skin pack because i seem to have difficulty trying to download it. And i really want the bon bon skin really bad 🙁

  3. Schnaider Sandoval says:

    How do you transfer the installation to xbox one?

  4. My next pack will be virtual after that nightmares then vr

  5. I’m updating pack here soon if adimins allow it

  6. Funtime Foxy270 says:

    Can you make it so Xbox gamers can get it because I can’t get it without media fire

  7. Anonymous says:

    I was about to post the nightmare but its not working so I have to try again tomarrow

  8. Anonymous says:

    im doing nightmare animamatronics next then virtral then fnaf vr

  9. Wesnat2412 says:

    This is super cool

  10. Funtime foxy270 says:

    Can you make it so we can get it from media fire

  11. some elf with wifi says:

    This skin pack is really good! , Could you please make a fnaf vr skin pack with Glitchtrap, Parts & Service Animatronics, etc. Anyways love it please make more!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can someone tell me how to get a skin pack

  13. starrymoon says:

    OMG I found it actually good skin’s. you should make some more minecraft fnaf skins you are relay good at making them.

  14. Luckyy says:

    can u make a fnaf 4 skin pack that would be sick but great pack

  15. Lauramy2302 says:

    Awesome pack ! Just 2 question : Why Bonbon is Toy Bonnie ? And will you make others FNaF Packs ? Keep going !

  16. HaydenLavarias says:

    You should do Fnaf universe addon Minecraft pocket edition its better

  17. Stichyboy10 says:

    Pls make a skin pack from the YouTube channle minecraft five nights at freddys I think it would be cool to have those skins in a skin pack tho if don’t know channel watch few videos from lol

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